Bloody Battle

Dylan Mulvaney is a transgender influencer. She is followed by millions, and has a prominent social media presence. Her followers and others, decided to give their opinions, and felt the need to speak out on social media platforms such as Tiktok and Twitter. They expressed their thoughts regarding any videos with her and tampons. In […]

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Is it realistic?

The 75 Hard is a challenge created by Andy Frisella in 2019. It is known as a program meant to improve general mental toughness. The overall goal is to changes ones life permanently for the better. It says that it not only helps one physically but changes their thinking. With that being said, there has […]

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How to heal

On February 28th I attended an event at Grafton Stovall Theater on campus. Savannah Black Sigma Sigma Sigma’s philanthropy chair, opened up explaining that this was their 16th annual speak-out. This incredible event is put together each year to continue to honor Leslie George, who was a sister of Sigma Sigma Sigma (often referred to […]

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Keeping up with loving yourself

This post was edited on 3/19/2023 by Thatgirl123 The Kardashians are one of the most followed and loved families worldwide. The sisters are mainly known because of their bodies and their appealing characteristics. As time has passed they have branded themselves and have started their own multimillion-dollar companies. They have captured the attention of millions, […]

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