Real men watch chick flicks

MOVIE RECOMMENDATIONS FOR THE GIRLS: Bridesmaids, Legally Blonde, The Devil Wears Prada, Confessions of a Shopaholic, or any movie that has a majority female cast! And remember, NO BOYS ALLOWED!

Men LOVE to fantasize about what they imagine to be a girls night in: red wine, silk pajamas, pillow fights, and, of course, chick flicks. We all know that they fantasize about it because they wanna be there, but OBVIOUSLY they can’t because that would put their masculinity in question, which is a man’s greatest fear. But I think the real thing in question is why a movie with a majority female cast and lead isn’t made for men to watch.

actual picture of a real man watching The Notebook

Just to be clear, I don’t actually believe in the concept of “chick flicks”, however, for the purpose of this article, that is what I will refer to these movies as. Now, I think it’s amusing how films starring mostly women are almost always marketed to solely women. However, movies with more of a male presence is marketed to a broader audience. The only time films with more of a female presence is marketed to a broader audience is when the women within the film are being more sexualized (which is a topic for a whole other blog).

Essentially, ‘chick flicks’ shouldn’t have to be labeled in the first place. Sure, there are certain films that may be more appealing to a feminine audience and vice versa, but labeling and advertising films as such is ultimately non-beneficial to the production. They are simply limiting their revenue by mainly marketing to one group of people and, not to mention, encouraging the already excessive toxic masculinity mindset in today’s society.

ME: hey wanna watch the new movie, He's All That, starring Addison Rae?

FAKE MAN: no! that's a girl movie >:-(

ME: well, do you wanna watch it with me?

REAL MAN: I'd love to! can we drink red wine, wear silk pajamas, and have a pillow fight too?

*granted, I wouldn't even watch that movie, but you get the point*

The concept of there being specifically girl movies is rooted at such a young age for boys, so how can we blame them? Princess movies are just for girls. Romance movies are just for women. It starts early on, so that’s where it needs to change.

So girls, next time you watch What a Girl Wants, sit your boyfriend, brother, father, guy friend down and make them watch it with you. I’m sure they could learn something from it.

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