America, who do you care about?

The long list of people failed by the American government continues to grow even as we approach 2022. Refugees, African Americans, and women are a few out of the bunch. Although the first two listed deserve their own blog post; Texas has made the conversation impossible to ignore.

Texas and its undying efforts to turn back the time machine is not being stopped by the Supreme court. The highest and ‘most lawful court in the land’ has made no effort to reverse an unlawful law to those directly and indirectly associated with the act of an abortion past the six-week mark.

Six weeks.

Six weeks is the deadline to figure out you are pregnant, decide if abortion is the right decision, acquire an appointment at a designated facility, and to follow through the procedure. After the six-week mark, ANYONE associated with an abortion is now responsible. Doctors, nurses, bus drivers, private driving companies, family members, and friends can now be sued by the government as aiding the death of an unborn child.

Why? Well, because they can.

Who is going to stop them?

The Supreme Court?

Well, the Supreme Court has already discussed it and the last vote is split with Trump’s last and most desperate line of defense, Amy Coney Berrett. In school you learn about the four conflicts of man, but what they don’t prepare you for is women vs. women.

Amy vs. American women.

As a woman in the highest court in the land there is a higher level of responsibility that should be upheld; speak for every woman, not just yourself. However, Amy’s predecessor, Ruth Bader Ginsburg are on opposite sides of the political spectrum and there is some poetic irony in the abortion decisions made by the two. RGB understood this responsibility and won the abortion fight with Roe v. Wade; while Amy was the deciding factor to reverse the progress made over the last thirty years.

why are we erasing Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s legacy?

 She fought her whole life up until the day she died to keep laws in place that give everyone a voice. Why are stripping those voices away? This is an attack on women, men, and society because a couple of people in suits decided it was ‘best for America’.

Who decides what is best for America?

Last time I checked this is a Democratic State, not communist or socialist, and those inciting these laws are the ones so afraid of communist takeover by China or Russia. If they stop blaming others for our demise, they might just find the real reason, themselves.

With all this doom and gloom, who is fighting this?

 The public.

Women and men across the country are putting their minds and hearts together to bring awareness to Texas. For instance, Lyft and Uber, private driving companies, are paying all legal fees to any drivers sued by the state.

driver with directions

Their reasoning for this includes the argument: Drivers never have and never will be put as a form of responsibility for a customer’s destination. Their job is to get a customer from point A to point B, NOT to get involved in their personal life. Especially, not to discriminate against women for their choice of Point B. Media of all forms are getting involved; News outlets are covering this law on a daily and hourly basis questioning the Supreme Court’s decision. Social Media platforms are ‘blowing up’ with questions simplified down to “why is it your business”?

I will leave you with the question one more time; Who does America care about? It is not me or you from what I have gathered over my twenty-one years alive.

If leaders were so keen on helping everyone, this would not be one of the most split topics in politics.

One thought on “America, who do you care about?

  1. This article really goes to show that at this day in age our government resembles more of an oligarchy than a democracy. We/ the common folk don’t seem to have that much control politically, and the people who do have control are mainly interested in maintaining their power. yike >.<


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