Misogyny in the Music Industry

As a Women’s Gender and Sexuality Studies minor I am currently taking the Introduction to Women and Gender Studies course. This past week my class had a guest speaker, her name is Javay (@/millennialsexpert on Instagram) and she is a JMU alum who is now a practicing sexologist. In her presentation to my class she had us compare the songs and music videos for “I Kissed a Girl” by Katy Perry and “Cry Baby” by Megan thee Stallion. As a huge self proclaimed Megan thee Stallion fan you can probably guess that I was ecstatic. During this comparison of the two songs my classmates and I brought up the topic of misogyny in the music industry.

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According to google, misogyny is “dislike of, contempt for, or ingrained prejudice against women”. From the definition alone you can probably see why this is a problem. Misogyny can severely impact the careers of women in the music industry in many ways. The sales of their music can plummet just from one public statement from a male entertainer claiming they don’t like them. They can be ridiculed for what they wear to events. They can be called a bad mother if they go on tour and have to leave their children for a period of time. The list goes on and on. I was recently talking to a guy about music and we both discussed that we enjoy rap music. He asked me who my favorite rap artists are and I said (of course) Megan thee Stallion. I asked him if he liked her and he said “no I don’t actually” when I asked him why instead of saying he doesn’t think she’s a good artist he said “I can’t relate to her music because I am not a female, also I think she’s rude to men”. If you’ve ever listened to any of her songs you would know she is very sex positive in her songs and encourages women to take control in their sex lives. In my opinion she is not “rude to men” because she encourages women to take control of their sex lives. Men do this in their songs all the time and no one says anything or seems to be bothered by it. We all need to try harder to support female artists since they get so much backlash and have a harder time in the industry than the men in the industry do. Some ways to do this are by buying or streaming their music and promoting them and their art on social media! These are just some small things we can all do to help combat misogyny in the music industry!

One thought on “Misogyny in the Music Industry

  1. I love this perspective, as misogyny is ever so present in the music industry and is rarely addressed because of our idolization of big artists. It’s important for us to attempt to dismantle these structures in anyway possible, even if it is in small conversations with friends – I do this often and can see the seeds that I plant in those conversations shortly after sharing different perspectives. This is the kind of dialogue that we need! Thank you for this!

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