Opening Up The Old Boys’ Club

I spent this past weekend playing very challenging, high-level rugby games in the Women’s D1 Round of Sixteen for Nationals. Truthfully, we got our butts kicked, having lost the fire, and numbers, from an undefeated fall season which earned us number one seed in the league. I spent the rest of Sunday, and today, reflecting on my […]

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“Trump Won. Get Over it.”

TW: brief mentions of sexual assault/rape “So,” she said with a heavy sigh, “do we want to talk about it?” It was the day after the election, and my normally lively class was silent. As a political science minor, this election was fascinating to me on an academic level. Nobody saw this coming – not […]

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Red Alert: You’re OVARYacting

“Shh, did you hear that?” “Can you believe it?” “She bled through her pants!” “I would die.” “I would change my name and move away.” “How embarrassing.” Photo by Angelo Bosco on Flickr, CC In light of Jenny Hval’s recent album “Blood Bitch”, I think it’s time to talk about periods. Media and society have […]

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