Misogyny in the Music Industry

As a Women’s Gender and Sexuality Studies minor I am currently taking the Introduction to Women and Gender Studies course. This past week my class had a guest speaker, her name is Javay (@/millennialsexpert on Instagram) and she is a JMU alum who is now a practicing sexologist. In her presentation to my class she […]

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A Beyoncé Appreciation Post

Hey what’s up hello to all of you lovely ShoutOut readers. I am absolutely ecstatic to be back working with a brand new batch of bloggers this semester! Feminism never sleeps, and I’m eager to dive back into the fem dialogue as a co-editor with @HeroineAddict and @BoobsRadley, as well as with the fellow bloggers […]

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Clean Version in the Club?!

Welcome back from Spring Break and to a snow day on campus! A little adventure during my Spring Break lead me to ponder a couple things about being a feminist and my love for hip-hop. I went to Florida to visit a family friend and get some fun in the sun! I was out dancing […]

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Business Or Pleasure?

Hello world! Cheers to you and cheers to my first blog post on JMU Shout Out! I have been brainstorming what I should post for my first post for a while until this happened and I knew I had to write about it. It was something I had never encountered before and it left me […]

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Meet Amanda Palmer

Warning: This blog contains nudity that is quite sexy and empowering to women, nevertheless, some may find it offensive. A few weeks ago I promised that I was going to introduce my readers to some “good for the soul” feminist music, so here I am, with someone awesome for you all to meet – her […]

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The Beyoncé Bowl 2013

Baltimore Ravens — 34 San Francisco 49ers — 31 Beyoncé — 10,000,000….hands down stole the night. Beyoncé is a female musical icon and she was literally so hot that she blew a fuse in the Superdome.             This being said…I decided to write today’s post about the halftime show when a friend of mine read […]

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