Newsroom Round Up

For the month of October, a LOT has gone down…and is still going down, as we are all anticipating a long couple of months ahead. If you’ve been missing out on some of your local, international, and national news—this is the place for you!

First, let’s start with some local news. As you’ve probably heard, JMU has re-opened and is enacting a hybrid model of classes. While campus is open, many classes, especially larger ones, have switched to all online. The beginning of the semester, COVID was spreading like wildfire which led JMU to close for a period of time and reassess. However, with changes and enforcement of their violation policies, students, faculty, staff, and the JMU community as a whole have managed to keep campus open and safe thus far. Since students got serious consequences for attending a party, in the article stated above, it seems cases have not spiked in the same way since returning. Wohoo! Let’s keep working together in avoiding large gatherings, ya’ll.

JMU also worked hard this semester to keep Dukes involved with voting, through organizations such as JMU Civic and Dukes Vote. Not only was there the Presidential Election, but local elections for City Council and School Board Members that are integral for decision making in the Harrisonburg Community.

In regards to politics, a JMU history professor was receiving a lot of criticism and spotlight for her tweet on the Republican Party. This brought up a point of controversy in relation to free speech and professionalism/leadership. If you want to check out more about the specifics, read the Breeze article here.

Moving onto national news,

Amy Coney Barrett has been confirmed to be the new Supreme Court Justice. A few of our bloggers have written their commentary on the decision if you’d like to read that here! When asked about very important issues, Barrett seemed to dodge or dismiss many of the questions. NPR speaks on contraception specifically, and her lack of response. Many are afraid for their reproductive rights with the confirmation of her seat.

With polarity high in the U.S, tensions have caused individuals to vandalize Black Lives Matter flags off of individuals homes. In Parkville, Missouri, a video was captured of a man snagging and destroying a BLM flag off of someones front porch which caused 1000s of viewers and comments. The owners were at home at the time and this may not be as rare of an occurence as we think.

Lastly, our international news touches on a variety of things:

Many feminists in Mexico have come together and taken over government buildings to become women shelters, protesting the years of violence and injustice and demanding change and recognition. Similar to the Black Lives Matter movement, the way in which women are protesting are being criticized; however, the activists believe it is a statement in restoring human rights because they were occupying the National Human rights commission that is supposed to exist for them in the first place.

Due to the coronavirus, the Philippines have been struggling with how to handle childbirth. In the Philippines, home births are not allowed—which has been problematic. Giving birth at home is against the law, but finding transportation and paying for those services create many barriers for women to comply with this policy. The Government states this policy is to descrease infant mortality, but obstacles and limitations that the mothers face seem to pose many issues for their well-being.

Now that you’re caught up, take some time to rest and restore.

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