How COVID-19 is Affecting the Queer Community

While I don’t want to create more noise around what’s being spread in the world, I do believe voices deserve to be heard, informing the public is vital, and as an LGBTQ+ person, I am curious and caring towards my community. This post is dedicated to all those being affected by the worlds current state, but specifying on the LGBTQ+ population. Among some research, I found that “LGBTQ+ people are found especially at risk for getting COVID-19” .

[@lgbtcancernetwork] (2020, March 26). Retrieved from

The main three factors being:

  1. LGBTQ people smoke at rates 50% higher than the general population, which could be detrimental if a respiratory illness like COVID-19 is contracted. 
  2. Higher rates of HIV and cancer in the LGBTQ community means that a greater number of people may have compromised immune systems, which leaves them more vulnerable to COVID-19 infections.
  3. Health care discrimination in America, including denial of care, unwelcoming attitudes and lack of understanding from staff and providers means LGBTQ people may be more reluctant to seek medical care. The community often faces a difficult experience accessing safe and affirming health care. This has been seen throughout the AIDS crisis and continues to this day.
Photo by Clem Onojeghuo on Unsplash

If you want to support the community here are some resources:

Luna Dietrich (2020 March). Retrieved from

This article demonstrates a vast amount of knowledge on tips on how to help and a ton of resources! 

The LGBTQ+ population is vast and diverse; it includes those with all disabilities, all races, all genders and bodies, all religions, and all sexualities. This conversation expands to so many people in yours and others lives. If you haven’t been already, please of course take time for yourself to process, but do what you can in these times to serve others in any ways you are able. There are many vulnerable communities (that have been vulnerable this whole time) especially needing collective care right now. If you’re like me, you don’t have a lot of money to donate, but you can still be creative in ways you offer service to others. This could include simply reaching out those you know, educating others, and educating yourself.  Remember that even after this all ends, these communities still need support.

Now that you’ve learned some new updates about this, take some time away from screens and do something to nourish yourself! 

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6 thoughts on “How COVID-19 is Affecting the Queer Community

  1. This is sooo great! Spreading awareness and links to resources which is WELL needed in these times.


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