Pussy = Pain

When going to see their OBGYN, most females don’t think about having to advocate for themselves for pain management. When I was a freshman in college, I decided to get an IUD or an intrauterine device, a form of birth control implanted in the uterus. Before my appointment I was given no pain medication and […]

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women overlooked in healthcare

The healthcare system is another area where women are overlooked. A large reason for the discrimination against women would be the lack of understanding of how illnesses differentiate between men and women. According to an article by Forbes, women were excluded from clinical trials due to concerns about possible long-term effects on their fertility and […]

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Gender bias in healthcare

Gender prejudice is the action or treatment against a person based on their sex.  We see gender bias present in society in many forms, but healthcare is a crucial one. Bias in the medical field is damaging to the healthcare systems we rely on. In healthcare, gender bias is when patients are diagnosed and treated […]

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Female on a budget

So, it goes without saying that this past year has been a year of crazy medical bills. This pandemic has not been friendly on many people’s wallets. Whether it be a sickness, having a baby, or riding in an ambulance, these are all very common and very hefty bills. Medical bills are one of the […]

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