Read all about it: The Burg, Kourtney Kardashian and a few in between

1. Iraqi security forces open fired on protesters, killing 14 people. These protests are a result of political corruption and economic equality. The majority of protesters are young and feel that the current state of politics makes it so they can’t see a future for themselves. The Iraqi government is denying that any deaths occurred, and protests continue as citizens feel it is the only way their voice can be heard. 

2. Next we touched upon a local story that hopefully everyone is aware of and discussing in order to help find 14 year old Isabel Hicks. On October 21st Isabel was abducted from her own home in Virginia and is believed to be held hostage by a 33 year old acquaintance of the family named Bruce Lynch. Unfortunately no major leads or discoveries have come forth but law enforcement is encouraging all the surrounding states and VA locals to keep their eyes peeled for anything at all. They also released a statement claiming that based off Lynch’s purchases of a tarp and camping supplies before the abduction, it is believed that they are in the woods or outdoors somewhere.

image via WHSV

3. Another local news story, Harrisonburg auto shop Shenandoah Automotive provides free oil changes to survivors and fighters of breast cancer. The event was used to raise awareness and highlight the importance of screenings and self examinations. Providing free oil changes takes into consideration the travel expenses associated with breast cancer treatment, and this small act has a big effect on those affected by breast cancer.

image via The Breeze

4. In some exciting world news, 49 year old Claudia López is the first elected female mayor of Colombia’s largest city, Bogota. With a doctorate from Northwestern University, López is eager to help continue to fight the corruption and inequalities on a much larger platform and explains to the press “This is just a small step for me but for Colombian women, this is a huge step forward.”

image via The Washington Post

5. On a national level, a Police officer resigns following the surfacing of a video showing him use excessive force on an 11 year old. The girl assaulted is a black student who the officer claims was breaking school rules by standing on the bus, taking too many milk cartons, and picking at a poster taped to a door. The officer also made a claim that the student attempted to assault the school principal, later proven to be false. The officer also reported on the incident that the 11 year old girl was stronger than him, and from the incident she suffered a mild concussion and scrapes after pleading for him to stop.

image via Vox

6. In celebrity news, stars Kourtney Kardashian, Tori Spelling, Jessica Simpson, and Pink all create a buzz surrounding Instagram posts of their young childrens haircuts and hair colors. The talk first started when Kourtney posted a photograph of her son Reign with his long blonde locks to which fans commented about her needing to be a better mom and cut his hair so he doesn’t get confused of bullied. Kourtney immediately argued back that these parents should worry about their own kids and that her son is a very happy boy which is all that matters, long hair and all. Tori Spelling, Jessica Simpson and Pink all followed in similar fashion when fans criticized pink and blue hair dye in their children’s hair. Pink chimed in on instagram with a picture of her daughters bright blue hair and the caption “I heard people were bummed on Jessica Simpson for letter her 7 year old get her hair colored. So we thought we’d share what we did yesterday. #getyourownkids #parentpoliceareactuallyjustlonelysadpeople” 

featured image via Reuters

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