1. James Madison University has recently decided to expand its nursing program to start accepting 23 more students every semester. They decided to expand the program in order to accept more qualified students. Before the expansion, they had to decline a lot of qualify students because they did not have the capacity to support them. Since the expansion the class size had gone from 90 students to 113 students.

    Photo via WHSV 3

2. This past weekend, Westover Park, in Harrisonburg, hosted the 17th annual Race to Beat Breast Cancer 5K. They held this event to raise money for screening and treatments along with raising awareness. They believe that with all the support they received on Saturday they will be able to treat over 300 women.

Image via WHSV 3

3. The United States Supreme Court decided to throw out a Gerrymandering case in Michigan. When Michigan redrew its voting districts, there was a heavy bias for Republican voters. Democrats were not happy with this because it would keep the Republicans in power. The Supreme Court decided to not review this case because they believed that this was a matter that should be dealt with by the State.

Image via U.S. News 

4. Brexit is happening! Britain was scheduled to depart from the EU in seven days, October 31, but their Prime Minister has been forced to ask for another three-month delay. He did that, grudgingly, to comply with a law passed by Parliament ordering the government to postpone Brexit rather than risk the economic damage that could come from a no-deal exit If a no-deal exit happens, there will be complete anarchy in what will be the past EU. People are saying that trucks would be waiting to deliver goods for days which will lead to food shortages, water shortages, gas shortages, and just an overall fall of their economy.

Image via AP

5. We also took some time to look at Meghan Markle and how she has been dealing with her post-pregnancy. In an interview, she admits that it has been incredibly tough and that no one really seems to care about her. She even admitted to saying that this was the first time someone has asked how she is doing in over a year.

Image via Pop Sugar

6. A Women’s high school soccer team in Vermont decided to make a very public statement about equal pay for women in America, and they were penalized for it. Four players all wore shirts under their jerseys that stated “#EQUALPAY”. When one of them scored a goal, they all removed their jerseys and it revealed these equal pay shirts. The referee proceeds to then give the four girls a yellow card, and the crowd began to chant “Equal Pay, Equal Pay”. The team is currently selling these shirts for $25 for women and $29 for men to represent the wage gap. They have currently sold over 1,000 shirts.

Images via New York Post

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