1. Local James Madison news consists of many sports updates, scores, charts, etc. But the sport that I never would expect to be at the top of the list was the Women’s Golf Team. To be honest, I never knew JMU even had one. The Women’s Golf Team scored 11th overall in their invitational in South Carolina. This team has not had this good of a round in over a year. The team went home as winners since they overcame the coaches’ expectations. They will be preparing for their next match in Alabama.

    (Photo credits: James Madison University Sports Site)
  2. In local news, a murder took place outside a hookah bar in Harrisonburg in 2017. Wesley Cruz took the life of another man after shooting him in the stomach. A few months after the investigation was being conducted, he fled to Orange County, NY. I came to JMU in 2018 but never heard that a murder happened only a year prior. Since this man has been on the run for a while he could have easily murdered or committed another crime while he was on the move. I wish the JMU would become responsible to inform the students and other locals that there was a murder and a crazed man on the loose.


(Photo credits: WHSV News Site)
  1. National: Democratic Party: Rise of the Female Candidates
  • The 2020 presidential election has been a hot topic for a while now. Interestingly enough, we have a record-breaking number of female candidates  as well. There are 6 female candidates running in the election. Here’s why this is a big deal:
      • The more female candidates, the higher the chance of having a female president.
      • Kamala Harris, senator of California, has also been a strong candidate due to her role as a prosecutor and inquiries of Barr’s case.
      • Elizabeth Warren was a former law professor at the University of Pennsylvania and Harvard. She taught bankruptcy law which is a very important asset to being a president’s knowledge.
      • Tulsi Gabbard is the first Samoan presidential candidate. What is special about her is that she is a senator but also a past veteran that served her country.


(Photo Credits: NY Times News Article)
  1. International News: The Hong Kong Protest
  • The Hong Kong Protest has been going on for 17 consecutive weeks. There have been numerous accounts of treachery towards every party but specifically, the police brutality towards the protesters has gotten a lot of attention. The first big symbolism icon that many protesters use was the girl who got shot in the eye. Her picture was used everywhere. Another incident that is more recent is that a woman who was taking down anti-democracy posters was tackled and attacked by police and pro-Chinese/police. HKprotest
                  (Photo Credits: Hong Kong FP News Site)
  1. International News: Chicken Noodle Soup
  • As fire frenzy news, the new J-Hope ft. Becky-G song called Chicken Noodle Soup has been a huge hit. The music video has more than 48M+ views and plenty of plays on Spotify and apple music. Everyone is doing the #ChickenNoodleSoup challenge; it’s the new “In my feels” challenge from Drake. You might be wondering why it’s a big deal, especially to females. It’s important because J-Hope who took a sample of the original song produced by Bianca Bonnie (Young B) and actually paid her $2.7M plus royalties. It’s nice to see because most people under pay female producers for samples and songs. The song also portrays diversity with it’s trilingual lyrics. Check out the song below!


             (Photo Credits: PaperMag Site)


  1. In more recent positive news, a homosexual student of color won homecoming queen. He is a part of the LGBTQ + community and was supported by many of his fellow classmates including the photographer who is also apart of this community. This story, in my opinion, was in the national news because people of the LGBTQ+ community don’t usually get recognized and praised in high school. This is really important in order to suggest equality in schools.


(Photo credits: NBC News Site)



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