We Can Do It

I am a Leo
The lion in the jungle 
The Queen of the jungle 
And I am strong 

I am a Leo
An independent woman
I am a dominant woman 
And I am strong

Think about the word strong. What is it that you picture when that word pops into your head? What is the definition of strong anyway? Most people believe it to be something purely physical like lifting heavy weights. Being that it may have something to do with physical ability, it also has to do with being “able to withstand great force or pressure.” That definition ties in with anyone’s physical, mental, and emotional state.

Does “strong” have a different meaning for men and women? Men are pictured to have physical ability to do all the heavy lifting. When you visualize male stigmatized dominated occupations, you see that they are typically construction workers, physical trainers, private security, engineers, etc. Those are just physical jobs that are male dominated! What about jobs that are of higher status, power and influence? Males seem to dominate certain professions such as sport broadcasters, politicians, business owners, and most importantly, PRESIDENTS. All of these reminders force me to ask the question of, “Why are women not dominating in these fields?

Women of all races, ages, and cultures are strong! We persevere through being talked down upon, looked at as an unequal, having to prove ourselves with every decision we make. Men are known as the typical “money makers” while the women of the house are left at home to cook and clean. Although stereotypical, the “women’s’ role” in the household requires a level of strength and skill most will never understand. From having to cook all the meals to washing all the dishes to getting the kids ready for school to finally, washing all the clothes. Women have been expected to do all of these things while putting their happiness as a last priority. 

My mother is the strongest women I know. She goes to work everyday and still manages to come home and do all the things previously mentioned. My mother defies the social norms for what women are capable of. How is it that she goes to work early and gets home late, makes an amazing dinner then still has time to relax and have a glass of wine? Now she may never take the trash out or have to carry groceries in the house, but she definitely does everything else. My mother is so reliable because when I need her she is there on site. I am in college now and if I call her at a 3 am with an issue she will pick up and give me the best advice. Then go back to sleep and wake up for work at 6am. 

So to me, the definition of being strong is not limited to doing all the physical heavy lifting, it is being able to do it all and let the heavy lifting be the cherry on top. It is being able to take the criticism from the world and then prove the world wrong. It is being able to use your mind to figure out the best situation. It is being able to be a mom, wife, daughter, friend, sister, aunt, grandmother and a hustler all in one. To me being strong is being a woman. PERIOD!!

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