Welcome to this semester’s first newsroom! We are back with your weekly updates so get excited!

JMU Women’s Soccer:

The JMU women’s soccer team beat St. John’s (2-1) in double-overtime during their season opener. Often, women sports teams go unrecognized and do not receive the same attention as men’s teams. When looking for information, on women’s sports, the information was harder to find. I wanted to take the time to recognize the team for their accomplishment and make sure they don’t fly under the radar. Support women’s sports!

Harrisonburg Police Make a Birthday Surprise:

This past week, a Harrisonburg mother invited local law officials and first responders to surprise her 8-year-old daughter who loves law enforcement. Police officers and first responders showed up with their trucks as a surprise for all the kids to walk through and learn about law enforcement. They even bought her presents– the mermaid dress and sunglasses. Way to go HPD!

Hurricane Dorian:

This past week, Bahamas was hit with a category 5 hurricane. Thousands of people lost their homes and are now searching for ways to rebuild their lives. So far, over 4,000 Bahamians have traveled to Florida seeking refuge. During class, we discussed how Instagram influencers used the hurricane to gain more exposure. When offering their condolences, influencers posted vacation pictures of them in the Bahamas with the hashtag #prayforbahamas. Rather than showing sincere concern, for the victims, influencers used their photos to show off their bikini bodies and their lavish lifestyle. The trend of posting, to pretend you are woke, is over. You either get it or you don’t, and clearly, these influencers do not.

No-Deal Brexit:

The separation of the United Kingdom from the European Union, known as Brexit, continues to cause mass controversy over a deal or no-deal. While the decision is still being discussed, Northern Ireland remains without a government, so no funds are going to educational, medical, or industrial sectors.


I just took a DNA test turns out, I’m 100% happy for Lizzo! Lizzo is the first Black woman in 2019 to score a No.1 hit on the billboards. This is such a huge accomplishment for Lizzo and her fans. Lizzo is known for spreading body positivity and teaching women to be their best selves. She has done so by being he unapologetic self. Lizzo has shown the world that, no matter what you look like, you do not have to conform to society’s norms and you should accept yourself for who you are. No one deserves this more than her. Congrats Lizzo!

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