Listen, don’t steal our ideas

Bropropriating: when men take a woman’s idea and take credit for it.

Today these ovaries will provide you with some fun facts about bropropriating in history. So sit back and relax and let us talk to you about all the instances of bropropriating.

Listen, beer might now be considered a “manly” drink and television commercials continuously tailor beer for a male audience BUT DO NOT FORGET WHERE IT CAME FROM. 


Let me repeat that: Men owe women for brewing beer and drinking beer.

Fun fact: Women have been brewing beer since the days of ancient Egypt but it was after the Black Plague that the technique of brewing beer was bropriated by men.

Until the 15th century, brewing beer was just another chore in a women’s list of domestic duties but slowly became a source of income for women. Unlike apprenticeships or seeking an education, which was both frowned upon during the Medieval Age, brewing was not, since women could work from home and make a profit.

Fun Fact: Queen Elizabeth I, like most people of the era, consumed beer for breakfast 

The Black Plague screwed everything up because so many people died during the plague, leaving Europe with a shortage of labor (RIP). Alehouses opened and brewing beer went from being a chore for women at home to being industrialized by men.

*cough* bropropriating *cough*.

Also, beer is comprised of 7% alcohol while the fruity drinks/cocktails comprise an average of 12% of alcohol. And it’s easier to slip in a roofie in a cocktail. Coincidence? Let me know but I think not.


Men took women’s ideas and techniques from brewing and unlike women, men possessed the financial, cultural, and legal resources to expand the industry. NOT ONLY THAT BUT THEN TAILORED BEER TO MEN.


Just making that clear.

Stop It Helen Mirren GIF


NOTE: This is not the only case of bropropriating.

We have…

1. James Watson and Francis Crick

They. Did. Not. Discover. DNA.

DESPITE POPULAR BELIEF and what you were taught in high school, Rosalind FranklinA WOMAN, realized that DNA had a double helix structure and found that molecules could replicate. Either way, Watson and Crick used her work to quickly publish their model and claim her discovery as their own without crediting her.

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Seriously, y’all, this is getting tiring. Although Charles Darrow is credited to Monopoly it was feminist Lizzie Magie invented the game to serve as a way for her to communicate her own political views. She secured the game as “The Landlords Game” but it only gained popularity after Charles Darrow asked for a copy of the rules from Magie’s game and brought it to Parker Brothers which led to the creation of Monopoly.

Rihanna, No, Smh, GIF


And many more…

So men, please, DO NOT TAKE WOMEN’S IDEAS AND SAY THAT THEY’RE YOUR OWN. It’s getting old, seriously. Plagiarising, cheating, cutting corners and taking the easy way out is not okay. What makes you think you have the right to a woman’s and anyone’s thought process’ and achievements?


Credits to RawPixel for the Photo from UnSplash

6 thoughts on “Listen, don’t steal our ideas

  1. okay not i’m PISSED! Monopoly ?!!! How did I not know this! Thank you once again for widening my education and for showing me how men can suck sometimes. here’s to hope in the future that this shit will stop!


    1. Isn’t it insane? I just wish people are credited for their hard work you know? Silenced stories and silenced work should be spoken of more in all forms of education and media. But as you said, let us see, let’s hope future academia rewrites history correctly to be more inclusive and acknowledge the proper individuals to their individual efforts and achievements.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. This is crazy!! Thank you so much for writing about this…I had no idea that any of these things were originally founded by women.


    1. It’s insane how many achievements in history were thought of by women but then bropropriated by men. I just hope history books are telling the correct stories…


  3. This article had awesome informative facts. Like the beer fact on how women used to brew it and also drink it in the morning with breakfast is cool. It is also very interesting to here about monopoly. I just thought the game was based on Rockefeller, Carnegie, and that era. I had no clue it was actually meant to be system to show political views.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s wild, isn’t it?!? Glad you liked it! And now next time someone says that beer isn’t “womanly” enough, you can tell that individual otherwise. Thanks for reading!


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