Current Events: Feminist Edition

Continue Reading to hear some intersectional feminist news!

  • Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and Judge Brett Kavanaugh: The SNL Skit 
    • Some background on the topic, Dr. Ford disclosed that Trump’s nominee sexual assaulted her as a teen. Aljazeera reports on the issue at a deeper level. Saturday Night Live aired a skit on the hearing (seen above). Saturday Night Live has a history of expressing current events into a comedic light. The skit itself is not insensitive to Dr. Ford as she was not shown in the skit. The cast members did bring to light an intriguing aspect of the hearing, Alyssa Milano’s role in coming to the hearing. Is she showing her support for other victims or causing more problems by attracting more paparazzi to a sensitive hearing. Here’s to hoping that justice can persevere and politics set aside.
  • Palestine Activists Freed From Jail and Welcomed by Madrid Football Team
    • Ahed Tamimi was arrested outside of her home in Palestine back in December. She was arrested for slapping Israeli guards. For those who don’t know Israel is occupying the Gaza Strip and causing tension with Palestine. Ahed Tamimi is praised for activism and her courageous acts. When being released from the Israeli prison she was welcomed and taken in by a Madrid football team.
  • Handmaid’s Tale Halloween Costume Gone Wrong 
    • The clothing company Yandy advertised a halloween costume sexualizing the famous television series and book, “The Handmaid’s Tale.”  The link to CNN’s article shows a very sexualized costume of what the Handmaid is subjected to wear throughout the storyline of the book and tv series. This is extremely problematic due to the plot of the story is about ritual rape and oppressing women in a dystopian society. Yandy explained how their company has been about “owning your sexy,” producing lingerie and sexy clothing, however this has gone to far.  Completely wrong idea Yandy.
  • Japan’s Womenomics 
  • Rwanda is taking preventive steps 
    • After mass genocide in the 90s, Rwanda is taking steps to teach prevention of sexual assault. The boys of this school are being educated on how to treat girls,  when to report assault, as well as encouraging other not to be a bystander. “So far there has been a 44% reduction in violence,” lets hope it continues to grow.
  • Lana calls Kanye OUT
    • Lana Del Ray calls Kanye West out on instagram after he posts a picture of himself with a “make America great again” hat on. This just adds to the concern for Kanye West’s mental health. In his comment he advocates for the abolishment of the 13th amendment ?? I’m sorry Kanye WHAT? Thankful for Lana Del Ray to shedding some light onto the concern of the post.


2 thoughts on “Current Events: Feminist Edition

  1. It was interesting to see The Handmaid’s tale in the news because I just finished the novel!! There are obviously so many things wrong with the release of this costume and I’m curious to see what other controversial costumes come to light throughout the month. There are always a few that catch my eye and each Halloween season is always different from the next!


  2. Today I was scrolling through Twitter and I found a tweet that stated that when white women complained about the Handmaid’s Tale Costume on Yandy (the store), Yandy pulled the costume without hesitation. Now compare that to when Native American women spoke up and brought a petition against the Native American costumes sold by Yandy which were both racist and degrading, the CEO threatened to call the police. Which begs the question, why is the Handmaids Tale costume more of a “media craze” dilemma/ problem than the Native American costume? Is it because of race? Class?


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