What is UP?

Each Tuesday, we’ll be letting you know what we’re talking about in intersectional, feminist current events; pop culture, music, politics, health care, global human welfare, food and agriculture, social media… you name it, we want to hear about it!
Did something happen this week that I didn’t touch on? Put it on our radar by commenting on my post!

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Bon Voyage… See you soon!

It’s official… we’re done for the semester! Thank you to our readers, bloggers, and supporters! A few things to look forward to for the fall… Next semester we’ll have our first ever social media director! This new position will cultivate a greater online presence for us, and we are so excited to see what she […]

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The New Feminist Wave… of Pornography

Erika Lust is an adult cinema director and writer out of Barcelona, Spain. She entered the film industry to kick misogynistic, hyper-masculine, heteronormative ass, and she’s doing just that. What are she, her films, and her brand known for? Representation of body types, races, genders, and other demographics Sex for female pleasure, from the female […]

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