Freedom Is A Constant Struggle – Review

Angela Davis has been a feminist icon since the 70’s. As an author of over a dozen books, she is still fiercely involved in activism within the United States and elsewhere.

I joined a book club a few months ago to push myself to get educated on new perspectives on activism I’m interested in. Reading is a big commitment for me, and I usually take way too long to read books because I can’t get into it. But we read Angela Davis’ “Freedom Is A Constant Struggle,” and I finished it in a day.

angela davis freedom is a constant struggle

The best thing I took away from this book was that intersectionality is not about our identities, it is about our struggle. You don’t have to have to same demographics to face similar struggles, and she uses Ferguson, Missouri and Palestine to demonstrate this.

As someone who has been preaching intersectionality for many years now, I can’t believe she rocked my world so hard. Buy her book here, and check out more things I got from her book here!

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