Project Condom

Project Condom was hosted last week by JMU Feminist Collective. Full disclosure, I am an executive board member, but let me tell y’all what went down. To give some background: Project Condom is an event sponsored by One Condom where, like Project Runway, people have to make outfits as a challenge. This challenge is that […]

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Feminist News

Another busy week kept you from the newsfeed? Don’t worry, I got you covered. Here’s what happened this week: [CN: violence, SA] Donald Trump is sending the National Guard to the Texas/Mexico border. He also wants immigration policy to change from “catch and release” to capture and detain. Great, now we’re holding people indefinitely because […]

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Hot Takes From NYFLC

Every year, The National Young Feminist Leadership Conference gets better: more intersectionality, more interesting panels, more useful workshops. This year was definitely the best, and here are some of my favorite takeaways. First, I went to the Protecting Immigrants panel. Obviously, we need to recognize that for many people, especially trans and queer people, getting […]

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Making History Worldwide

It’s Women’s History Month! Instead of telling you about famous historical American figures, I want to talk about a girl making history today. Her name is Ahed Tamimi, and she is a 17 year-old Palestinian activist. First, some background: Israel is a Jewish state that came into existence in 1948 after widespread displacement of Jewish […]

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ICE is the gestap-who now?

Okay, we’ve all heard why the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency (ICE) is like the Gestapo. Videos and articles will explain to you why, as well as a familiarity with Nazi Germany and its history. But I’m not here to reiterate that point. I’m going to let you know why deporting people is a bad […]

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