ShoutOut! Newsroom Update April 10th 2017

Once again, it’s been a little while since your favorite feminists bloggers have had the opportunity to talk about what’s going on in the world, and we certainly had a lot to discuss. We covered everything from Pepsi and Kendall Jenner to our impending doom and World War III.

Oh Pepsi…

Just in case you’ve been living under a rock, Pepsi made a well-intentioned, but ultimately failing, ad with Kendall Jenner. It makes certain good points, like that you can bring whatever you’re good at into a movement to fight for what you believe in, like music and photography in the ad. However, it’s essentially pandering in its attempts at diversity. It then belittles current protest movements by saying that all we need to do to create unity and end strife is share Pepsi with each other. We also checked out Saturday Night Live’s sketch which pretty much got it spot on.

Diversity in the Fashion Industry

Some good news we hit on was that Edward Enninful, after being named Editor in Chief at British Vogue, is now the first non-white man to edit a mainstream women’s fashion magazine. Add in the fact that he has long campaigned for diversity and fought racism in the fashion industry, and this could mean some exciting changes in the fashion world.

Here Comes WWIII

And in some not so exciting news, we discussed both the aftermath of the missile attack on Syria as well as the US Warships that have been deployed in response to North Korea’s most recent nuclear testing. North Korea’s testing, they have said, is actually in response to the attack on Syria, as well as military exercises by the US and South Korea. They are preparing so that they are able to defend themselves in the case that the military exercises become an invasion. Fortunately, the estimated range is still too short to reach any of the continental United States, which means they likely won’t be shooting off anything for a while as long as the US remains their main target. Hopefully World War III never actually happens, but let’s not push it with anymore warships or missiles anytime soon.

Featured Image: Pixabay, CC

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