How Abortion Bans Promote Elitism (Part 2)


A while back I wrote a post theorizing about how abortion bans can in fact be used as means of control by State Governments in terms of perpetuating poverty and income inequality, and thus consolidating elitist control State citizens. Since that post, a recent bill has been passed by the Ohio Legislature which essentially restricts abortion after six-weeks of conception once a “heart-beat” can be detected in the fetus.

Never mind that six-weeks is way before the earliest period of pre-natal tests. Never mind that the US Court System, including a panel of judges all appointed by George W. Bush refused to hear similar measures from North Dakota and Arkansas. Never mind that Ohio has since shut-down half of its abortion clinics as a result of laws limiting the use of abortion-related drugs, increased waiting periods, and general constraints on the autonomy of clinics. One of the justifications of the “heartbeat bill” came from Republican Ohio Representative Jim Buchy who said “What we have here is really the need to give people the incentive to be more responsible.” Buchy later went on to say in an interview with Al-Jazeera that he “never really thought about” about why a woman would want an abortion.

Buchy and his reptile-ilk don’t really care about “personal responsibility”, they care about control. They adore the fact that their state continues to see the income of its top 1 percent increase and its 99 percent decrease on a consistent basis. They get off sexually by reducing early voting periods and eliminating same day voter registration because in their eyes, not everyone deserves to have their voice in politics. They tout the magnificence of their sales and real-estate tax cuts when in reality they cause a 360 million dollar loss of revenue in cities and municipalities which ironically lead to an increase of individual income taxes.

The “heart-beat” bill, which will become law if Governor John Kasich does not veto it in the 10-days it is passed, is another example of American elitism at play whereby lawmakers reject creating opportunities for greater social mobility. Instead they work to spit-shine the confines of their paternalistic system, where the beneficiaries continue to saturate in their tax-cuts and income gains, women are reminded that their own bodies do not belong to them, and the under-class are scolded for “not trying hard enough.” After all, as researchers at the University of California, San Francisco found; the ones most affected by abortion bans are those who struggle financially and who often times end up on public assistance or below the poverty line as a result of said bans.

If the Polish people can impel their far-right government to strike down a near total-abortion ban through mass and effective mobilization, America ought to be able to do the same. Anarchist philosopher Emma Goldman said it best when she fought the illegality of contraception in 1916; “when a law has outgrown time and necessity, it must go and the only way to get rid of the law, is to awaken the public.”

(featured image flickr-AK Rockefeller)


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