How Abortion Bans Promote Elitism



(featured image use flickr-Mujeres ante el Congreso)

At the Presidential Debate last night, Donald Trump announced he would he would appoint “pro-life” justices on the courts and would try to place the issue of Roe V. Wade back to the states. As of 2016, 30 abortion restriction laws in 14 states have been enacted, which include the banning of common method second-trimester abortion, the lengthening of waiting periods to get abortions, and South Dakota and South Carolina enacting abortion bans after 20 weeks. With Trump’s proposal to leave the decision of abortion legality up to the states, women could potentially be denied the right to their own bodies in roughly 28 percent of the country.

Trump and the aforementioned state legislators constantly throw up the mantra that these abortion bans, as well the proposed federal defunding of Planned Parenthood, are all about protecting the “sanctity of life”. Ironic how such Traditional Political states throw up this notion when they refuse to expand Medicaid, accentuate voting restrictions for the sake of keeping certain groups from voting, and, refuse to pass any sort of legislation to help curb the nearly 12,000 annual deaths from gun violence. As my prophet George Carlin once said; “when they’re talking about ‘right to life’ they’re talking about THEIR right to decide which people should live or die.”

Author Aldous Huxley stated that without dealing with overpopulation via “birth control, people have less to eat, and less goods and the central government has to take over more and more responsibilities.” Because these traditional political culture states hold pro-life sentiments in conjunction with their elitist policies, anti-abortion laws are meant to perpetuate greater population growth and cause a further depletion of resources. These factors therefore give justification for these states to restrict social welfare funding such as Medicaid, social security, and education, elements that would otherwise increase opportunities for individuals to socially and financially progress, with the State’s reasoning being that “we have to tighten our belts.”

So in this way abortion restrictions and Planned Parenthood defunding are more about political gains than they are about appealing to some “moral high ground.” Dr. Diana Greene Foster accentuates this notion when she states “when a woman is denied the abortion she wants, she is statistically more likely to wind up unemployed, on public assistance, and below the poverty line.”

When the Polish Government tried to impose a virtual ban on abortion, including in instances of rape or incest, 30,000 people gathered in Warsaw’s Castle Square to protest the law. The following Thursday, Poland’s ruling party, the right wing Law and Justice Party, struck the law down. In this era of rampant communication and greater individual autonomy, developed countries are finding it more difficult to consolidate greater control over their populations. Yet abortion restrictions still remain one of the most reliable means to perpetuate state power and elitism throughout the world. If we have any hope to progress not just as a society but as a species, we must do our part to see the end of these antiquated and regressive laws.

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