There Will Always Be Hope!


Women Cheering Hillary Clinton at the Democratic National Convention 

This Thanksgiving was very different from all of the other past Thanksgivings that I have had. For the first time, my family decided to talk about politics, specifically focusing on this past election. However, instead of talking about the possible political consequences of our newly elected president, my family spoke about the impact that the election will have on the female-identifying youth.

Almost all youths have a role model that they look up to and aspire to become. Many people were hoping a female president would be the next progressive rolemodel for American female youth, however this was not the case. It is disappointing to see that being a female president is still a dream to achieve more than it is footsteps to follow. My family members were upset about the election results, but are also hopeful at the same time. According to the writer, Anita Harris, “[girls] are imagined to be those most able and likely to prevail and succeed in a risky society.” Girls have shown that they have a fighting spirit within them. When the world blocks the path to their dreams they dig holes or build ladders to get around those barriers.

I have hope that this election has given young girls the power to fight harder and stronger than ever before to achieve what seems unachievable at this moment, just as Clinton asked them to do. I hope that girls become more motivated to work harder and strive for goals higher than they have ever strived for before. During this past Thanksgiving, my family and I expressed our hope for a better future because of our belief in girls. A future where girls can be proud of who they are and where binary gender-roles do not affect political female remodels. And hopefully someday, a future in which anyone, regardless of gender and sexual identification, can become president.

Feature image 

-Catherine and Hasti


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