Smell the Roses: The Influence of The Bachelor on Young Relationships

As we approach the holiday season, it won’t be long until The Bachelor returns to television screens on January 2nd. The premise of the show: an eligible and seemingly “perfect” bachelor selects his wife out of twenty-five possible love interests who are trying to catch his attention. In its twenty seasons running, however, only three […]

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There Will Always Be Hope!

  This Thanksgiving was very different from all of the other past Thanksgivings that I have had. For the first time, my family decided to talk about politics, specifically focusing on this past election. However, instead of talking about the possible political consequences of our newly elected president, my family spoke about the impact that […]

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5 Life Lessons from Girls Under 5-ish

In our society, young people frequently face marginalization and are often belittled. Thus, young girls are especially underestimated! Often pigeonholed into the societally normative feminine roles, girls are viewed as primarily lovers of all things pink, sparkly, and cute. This narrowly constructed vision of girlhood rarely gives girls the credit that they truly deserve. These […]

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Music, Makeup, & Media

Selfie culture is still alive and well as 2016 ends and so is the shaming of girls who take them. Do you remember last year in October when those sorority girls  got shamed by the announcers for taking selfies during a baseball game? The announcers mock the girls for their vanity by taking selfies, which is […]

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Feminism Wastes Nothing

Feminism, or the advocacy of equality for all sexes, has been growing to encompass more and more ideals and aspects about young girls and women’s lives; each day it becomes more inclusive of a variety of lenses the emphasize the importance of intersectionality.  One such branch is ecofeminism, a movement that connects the domination of nature to […]

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In a World of Superheroes…

Think of toys that young girls would like to play with. You’re probably picturing a lot of pink. Maybe a play kitchen or a fake tea set. Most definitely a doll of some sort comes to mind, whether it’s generic or brand-name, like a Barbie. These are quite stereotypical. Perhaps you thought of something more […]

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The Hills are Alive with the Sound of Girls

Remember this video? (In case you need it, here’s the OG: ) Maria is a problem because NEWSFLASH she’s a headache, she’s an angel, SHE’S A GIIIRL. Mind you, I love Sound of Music, but I realize that Maria is a trope. Maria speaks to issues of girlhood and society’s utter fascination with […]

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