Monday Funday: It’s News Time Again

  • Facebook bug switched many accounts to memorial pages – thus “killing” users; this is a harmless accident, but it is still alarming.
  • Bill Cosby expects to be cleared — Despite numerous accusations of sexual assault, Cosby still believes he will be cleared of those allegations. Then again, when you’ve got an alleged rapist for president-elect, anything can happen.

    More Diversity in Hollywood?— Prime time TV stations are showing more and more diversity in their casting and show production. It’s likely that this shift is due to networks realizing that they have minority viewers to chase but, if money talks and it’s saying, “Diversity sells,” and that means more diversity in Hollywood altogether, bring it on.

  • Omarosa vies for spot in Trump’s Cabinet — Ex-democrat and former The Apprentice contest, Omarosa Manigault is vying for a spot in Trump’s cabinet. Because this election hasn’t been enough of a reality TV special as it is.
  • Trump Wins— Much to our dismay, bigot, misogynist, racist, xenophobic and alleged rapist, Donald Trump is officially the president-elect.
  • The Electoral College— Millions sign a petition for the Electoral College to reverse their votes to support Hillary Clinton instead. It’s never happened before but then again, we’ve never had a bigot, misogynist, racist, xenophobic and alleged rapist as president-elect.
  • Thanks Mike Pence!— Hundreds of dollars are being donated to Planned Parenthood in honor (spite?) of Mike Pence. He hasn’t made the donations but hopefully he likes all the thank you certificates he’s going to receive in the mail!

Featured image here.

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