Cancerous Chemicals and Feminism

Hello, fellow feminists! I hope that you have all been enjoying your week back from Spring Break! In case you haven’t read the blog this week, many of our bloggers (myself included) ventured to the 2016 National Young Feminist Leadership Conference last weekend. The experience was informative, mind-expanding, challenging, and incredibly inspiring. I could write […]

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We took a bit of a break and we are back with your fave: THE NEWS ROOM. Here is a bit of a review of what happened over the last couple of weeks while we were gone. Still waiting for Trump’s campaign to be a really cruel joke (like a really bad one) Several incidents […]


Porn Sucks

I hate porn. I am a 21 year old dude who hates porn. Porn sucks. In writing on the matter, I have to admit that porn was, at one point, a part of my daily life. It is for this reason I can adamantly speak against it. I hate what it did to me. I […]

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Am I a Pocket-Sized Feminist?

What a week! For those of you readers who just ended your spring breaks I’d like to give you an official welcome back! I hope your breaks were filled with friends, food, and a whole lotta whatever it is you like most. “OMG, what did you do over break lucilleontheball?” Glad you asked! Aside from […]

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How My Family Shaped My Feminism

  I would not describe my family as “progressive.” A good majority of my family is from the South and conservative values permeated my childhood experience. However, unbeknownst to them, a few of my family members have had a key role in defining how I identify and perform my feminism. I  would like to dedicate today’s […]

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Biblical Feminism Part 3

Any movement or organization whose aim is to fight against an injustice intrinsically has the aim to eliminate their own existence. Essentially a movement is born and exists, in the hopes that its goal will be accomplished and it will end having successfully influenced their respective community. As is the truth with feminism. I think […]

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