We took a bit of a break and we are back with your fave: THE NEWS ROOM.

Here is a bit of a review of what happened over the last couple of weeks while we were gone.

  • Still waiting for Trump’s campaign to be a really cruel joke (like a really bad one)
    • Several incidents of protester assaults at Trump rallies like Chicago and pepper spraying in Kansas
    • He continues to win primaries… What does this say about the country’s ideology as a whole? 
  • President Obama nominated Merrick Garland for Supreme Court Justice. He is considered a moderate and many think this is a calculated move  on the administration’s part to force conservatives to approve the nomination because of the neutral candidate. 
  • Texas Abortion Law is officially being heard by the Supreme Court. Many are fearful of the case returning back to lower courts, being remanded, or even resulting in a temporary continuation of the law due to a equal split decision. But the shining light: the issue is being addressed and we have feminist friends like the Notorious RBG speaking up for all of us. 
  • Kim Kardashian posted another nude photo *yawns* Many celebrities bashed her again for it. But an interesting conversation resulted from Amber Rose taking Kim’s defense. Rose discussed how their images as sex workers opens up conversation for slut shaming and criticism as mothers. She compared their status to Beyonce’s choreography and the internet blew up. Her argument: Kim and herself are judged because she is perceived to be talentless while, Beyonce’s talent lends her a platform for freedom of expression and not as much criticism. The Beyhive attacked. Many eyebrows were raised because marginalization is marginalization. Let’s not size up our oppression in comparison to others.

Sparkle of Hope, Laughs, and Feminism

All in all, this has been an interesting couple of weeks. See you next Thursday for the Newsroom, Feminist Friends!

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