The 411 from your Funky Fresh Feminists

What’s up guys? Have you been keeping up with the news this week? Well let me tell you somethin’…some shit’s going down.


  • The Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs re-opened its doors this week after the deadly shooting back in November. Even after tragedy, PP continues to provide its much-needed services.
  • After Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia passed away earlier this week, the GOP is making an effort to block Obama from electing a new justice. Pretty sure that’s illegal…
  • Mary Lou Marzian, a representative from Kentucky, proposed a bill that would require spousal consent for men seeking Viagra. Now, don’t freak out. It most likely won’t pass. This is a response to ridiculous abortion restrictions–like mandatory waiting periods, counseling, etc.
  • Republicans in VA passed an anti-discrimination bill that allows businesses to discriminate against LGBT+ individuals (among other folks). I’m tired of Republican pervs, okay. How would you know someone’s assigned gender unless you pull down their pants or demand a birth certificate upon entry into your business? How would you know a man gets frisky with other men unless you go hide in his bushes and peep inside his bedroom? Ew, go away.

Pop Culture

screenshot by ProChoicePrincess
  • Dark Matter is a trans poet duo(they identify as they/them) who are using their spoken word to break down sexist/racist/bigoted bullshit. Check out their poem “White Fetish” and go look at their Instagram!
  • Stevie Wonder confronted able-ism at the Grammys when he said: “We need to make every single thing accessible to every single person with a disability.” Preach!
  • Speaking of the Grammys, did you see Kendrick Lamar’s performance? Politically-charged, beautiful, and deeply important all describe his time on the stage. Of course, there are always those white people who feel excluded…*sigh*


Well, that’s what’s going on this week. Be sure to check out our upcoming posts for more feminist news!


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