News Roundup!

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Our world is always changing! There are countless stories of interest for all of you dedicated feminists out there. For this week’s “News Roundup” there are a couple different categories including health, pop-culture-ish and good ol’ pink tax.


Brazil is facing an epidemic of the Zika Virus which causes rare defects in infants. Government officials in Brazil and surrounding countries are telling girls not to get pregnant. About fifty percent of pregnancies in these areas are unplanned due to the lack of contraceptives. No issue of warning is being given to men putting the sole responsibility of the virus on women! Read more here.

Dr. Jessica Zucker, a clinical psychologist, releases a podcast in an attempt to help those struggling through the trauma of a miscarriage. She started the #IHadaMIscarriage Campaign in an effort to aid in the grieving process.


Twitter-renown celebrity, Jaden Smith, continues in his fight against gender roles. In a Vogue photo shoot, Smith proudly sports a skirt, painted fingernails and a flower in his hair. Lessss goooooo Jaden! See his style here

Playboy has decided to go PG-13. Yes, that’s right, the premier adult magazine plans to move away from full nudity this coming March. Higher-ups in the company report that this will allow them to reach a wider audience and stay competitive in the ever-changing standards of media-based society.

Pink Tax

CNN recently published an article about the extra costs involved in being a women. Haircare products for women cost an average of 48% more than men’s. Female razors cost 11% more than male razors. Female Jeans cost 10% more. Apparently, not only should women get paid less in the workforce but they should also pay more for day to day essentials.

Thats all for this weeks round-up! Stay strong feminists, we will overcome!

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