Six Benefits of Being Single: College Edition

With Valentine’s day right around the corner, there is a considerable amount of focus on romantic relationships and their advantages. On a college campus, the pressure to find a relationship is already ever present and a holiday that historically celebrates  romantic love is not necessarily the most inclusive. This overemphasis serves as the perfect opportunity to remind and applaud the many, many benefits of flying solo in college (and in all stages of life)!

  1. Travel Where You Want




From amazing study-abroad programs and service missions; to taking last-minute road trips with your friends, college is full of opportunities for travel! Being tied down in college may significantly limit those chances to get out and see the world. Being single in college means not having to always account for someone else while planning trips, whether they are for school or pleasure! You can pick anywhere you want to go and choose activities based on your individual interests. The world is your oyster!

2. Get Serious About Schoolwork


College can be an academically transformative experience if students allow themselves full engagement with the material. It’s an important time in one’s life where they have the freedom to explore their interests and passions. Relationships are often distracting or time-consuming. When you’re single, your days are your own and you can devote them to subjects you find intriguing. Improve your academic environment by getting to know the people in your major or establishing better relationships with your teachers!

3. Focus on Your Dreams



Whether your dream is to go to a top grad school, volunteer in the Peace Corps, or land a great job in a major city, you need to make the best decisions for yourself in the long-run. While relationships often offer support, there is a level of stress that results from the conflict of between choosing one’s dreams or careers over proximity to a partner. In an ideal world, a person would not have to decide between the two. However, as college graduates working hard to forge our paths, it is imperative that we make informed, realistic, and independent decisions about our futures. Being single allows ample time for planning and orchestrating one’s career.

4. Cultivate Friendships



It is no secret that a social life is often compromised while in a relationship. College is a perfect time to form new friendships and develop lasting relationships based on mutual interests. It’s also one of the only times in our lives that we’re surrounded by peers of a similar age in extremely close proximity. So, take advantage of all the organizations and events organized by your college! Also, make sure to invest time in those friends you already have. You can even celebrate Valentine’s day with your platonic partners by giving them these thoughtful V-day gifts!

5. Develop a Healthy Lifestyle



Whether you’re wanting to try a vegan lifestyle or adopt a new workout routine, being single allows the flexibility to develop one’s health in a variety of ways. There are many ways a partner can interfere with one’s fitness goals, even if that means spending too many Friday nights on the couch with pizza and Netflix. Use your free time to try a new exercise class and meet new people! Or develop a special meditation routine for yourself. Focus on building the healthiest, happiest YOU!

6. Explore Your Freedom 


People often become dependent on their significant other and forget the joys of being a truly independent individual. Being single is an opportunity for serious self-growth, reflection, and cultivation. Write out your life-goals, go see a movie by yourself, practice fierce self-love. Make time to address your flaws and better yourself. The single life can be very empowering because it allows you to create a life built around your passions and interests.


Despite the popularity of this upcoming, cupid-adorned holiday, there is nothing wrong with being single. College offers a unique environment to explore your talents, preferences, beliefs, and passions. So, celebrate your single life and all the glorious advantages it has to offer!


2 thoughts on “Six Benefits of Being Single: College Edition

  1. Ahhh! I absolutely love this. Being a strong, single, independent women is totally something to flaunt. Simply snaps.


  2. I absolutely agree that self-love is one of the most important aspects of life (single or otherwise). In order to be able to follow these tips, someone needs to appreciate and care about him/herself or he/she won’t even think about trying one of these. Not being accepting of oneself and then sharing that with another person can make for a toxic relationship, and those can become incredibly debilitating.
    Good post!


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