Every Rose has its Thorn

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“I had a good conversation with Ben so now I feel good about myself again,” said Jubilee Sharpe, a contestant on this year’s season of The Bachelor. The terrifying implications of this statement are a testament to the overall vibe of the show and the demeaning values it perpetuates. Jubilee literally says she can only feel good about herself through the affirmation of a dude she has only known for a couple weeks? This show is fucking awful and I wanna spend a little time explaining why.

First, the show predicates that women can be treated like utilities from a rent-a-center. Don’t know what a Rent-a-center is? It’s a store in which you can shop for items, purchase them and bring them home and as soon as you have used them for their worth, you return them. The bachelor makes women into utilities. Ben Higgins is walking through a store looking for what he would like to purchase with his “money” of good looks and “manliness.” He takes girls on different dates (essentially renting them) and tests them out to see if their composite being is qualified to be his future wife. He kisses each girl and exclaims how special they are but refuting his own claim by making “special” a routine and ordinary compliment. Women are not utilities. This show treats them as such and it shouldn’t be on television. I can only imagine all of the girls  in our younger generation seeing this show and developing horrific ideas of a disgusting standard for dating and relationships as well as a shitty perspective that their fulfillment comes from finding Mr.Right.

The Bachelor not only demeans women but it sets an unrealistic standard for what women ought to look like in order to get the so called “perfect man.” (I’ll get to why Ben is not the perfect man in just a second). Every woman on the show looks like they came straight out of a Viagara commercial (stay tuned next week for why Viagara commercials fucking suck.) The bachelor only picks women who fulfill the stereotypical standard of Victoria Secret type hotness. This unrealistic depiction of what women “should” look like is detrimental and infectious to girls trying to find their identity in this world. This is also true for men. Since it is affirming that Ben Higgins is the “perfect man” it alludes that anything less than “tall, dark and handsome” is settling. Plus, Ben is not the perfect man. A perfect man would not sign up to be part of a show in which he is literally dating handfuls of girls. In a normal setting, that’s what us normal folk like to call cheating and last I heard, that shit was not okay. Ben physically affirms them with kissing and nice words but the fact that he is creating that bond with multiple women is disgusting considering the majority of them will leave the show with a broken heart and a sense of inadequacy.

So why the hell do we watch this show? Our culture is obsessed with drama, gossip and “hot” chicks. We are compromising our morality for mindless entertainment that contributes nothing to the pursuit of a better humanity. I was horrified to hear that they actually have Bachelor Fantasy now. Literally you sign up online with a group of friends and draft women who you think will win. You get points from your girl kissing Ben, crying on the show, getting a rose, and the list goes on and on. Not only are the contestants participating in this shit show but Americans sitting on their couches are highly engaged hoping their girls will do something to earn them points.

America produces some demeaning shit but the bachelor gets the rose for bolstering stereotypes and misogyny.

One thought on “Every Rose has its Thorn

  1. Shows like this are definitely misogynistic and set unrealistic standards. Reading this makes me glad I haven’t watched a dating show since Flavor of Love (and that one was bad too). I think another thing about these types of shows that sends out a bad vibe is this heteronormative bull–men have to be overtly masculine and muscular and independent, while the women are model-esque and, as you mentioned, define themselves through a man. The only exception to this that I recall was the dating show with Tila Tequila because she was bi-sexual. I’m sure that one had its flaws, too.
    Good post!


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