The Journey

Hey friends today we are going to do a little bit of a #TBT which is excellent because it is actually Thursday (I have a problem with saying #TBT when it isn’t Thursday).

We are going to talk about how I was a terrible feminist prior to college, and how I was still a bad feminist prior to ShoutOut and now I can finally say I’m doing a bit better in the feminist realm.

So it’s not a surprise than i’m a gay cisgender man if you keep up with my posts. I talk about my identity to make sure individuals know I am not talking from a woman or non-binary individual’s lens.

This is important because at the start of high school I was a homophobic closeted boy who identified as a conservative. Hilarious, right? I want the focus to be that it is never too late to change. It’s never too late to become a good feminist. As I progressed throughout high school I came into my Queer identity – eventually senior of high school I came out. That was a giant leap into the more liberal side of things.

However this didn’t magically make me a feminist. There are plenty of Queer identified men who are only focused on Queer issues that aren’t always representative of the feminist ideology. If we encompass the entire Queer movement being inclusive of the gender identities then yes we are being inclusive of feminist ideologies. However I’m talking about the aspect of how individuals only focus on their identity, especially when they are first coming into it.

I was still getting used to the idea of being gay. That was my only focus. That was wrong. I got to college and embraced my sexuality. Had the usual gay noobie bull shit where I was only into “masculine” white guys. Gross.

I still focused solely on how I could understand my sexuality more, and how things applied specifically to my identity. I didn’t view things intersectionally. Hell. I didn’t even know what intersectionality was.

Throughout college as I grew to be more educated I grew to be more inclusive and accepting of all identities.

But not until ShoutOut did I understand feminism. Feminism is the ideology that all individuals who identify as a different gender than male need to have the same socioeconomic, cultural, and social privileges as individuals who identify as male.

I didn’t realize intersectionality was a core value of feminists. I didn’t realize feminists were everywhere. Your teacher can be a feminist. Your mom can be a feminist. Your local politician can be a feminist. They probably adequately process the ideology to be considered a feminist.

But to be a good feminist you need to stir shit up. You need to create change. You need to get your voice heard. An ally isn’t just someone who says they support a cause or a group of people, but actively proves it with their actions. I am an ally to women, and non-binary individuals. I am a feminist. I write to bring light to the bullshit that individuals who share some of my intersecting identities say. It took a while, but I’ve finally made it. It’s never too late. Get involved. Join a blog. Join the movement. Hell, vote this next election. Don’t let fucking Trump win this election.

Also – This is my last post with ShoutOut!
It’s been a great time writing and vibing with all my readers. I hope everyone’s semester has been kick-ass, and enjoy the holiday!

Peace. Love. And thanks for flying away with me.

2 thoughts on “The Journey

  1. Thank you for sharing your own personal story and road to becoming a better feminist. It’s never too late!


  2. Thanks for sharing. I’m happy that you were able to take this journey to feminism. Thanks for all of the tips, too.


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