“Enough is Enough”: The Planned Parenthood Shooting

I would just like to say how sad, and heartbroken, and terrified all at the same time I am about the most recent tragedy dealing with Planned Parenthood.  For those of you who don’t know, last Friday, November 27th, a man named Robert Lewis Dear opened fire at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Colorado Springs, according to a CNN article. Lewis started firing around 11:30 am and by the time he surrendered to the police one police officer and two civilians were killed, and multiple others were injured. The reason why he decided to do all of this is still “unclear”; however, it’s been understood by many that it was a politically motivated decision and Dear discussed “baby parts” when being held custody. Thus, it is safe to assume that Dear was motivated by anti abortion ideals.

In the past couple of months there has been quite a bit of positive and negative discussion surrounding Planned Parenthood and the issues revolving around it. With these discussions there have been a number of repercussions, discussed by two of my fellow bloggers, Rosehasathorn and SassyYazzy. One such repercussion was the release of edited videos attempting to taint Planned Parenthood’s name and their practices. Along with these attacks, there has also been much speculation of Planned Parenthood in the presidential race. The basis of these speculations have to do purely with abortion and it’s morality. The frustrating thing about all of this is that this negative press is mainly discussing the aspect of abortion and trying to discredit Planned Parenthood simply because they offer this service, and yet it is ignoring all of the other services that Planned Parenthood provides. Just to catch you all up, Planned Parenthood is an accessible and affordable health facility for both women and men throughout the country. Planned Parenthood doesn’t just provide access to abortions, but also provides safe and professional services and products, such as contraception, STD testing, cancer screenings, sex education information, and education opportunities revolving around these various topics. The fact that news engines are mainly discussing the topic of Planned Parenthood and abortion is, in my opinion, inciting anti


Planned Parenthood feelings to arise in the general public, and ultimately sparking actions such as the ones taken out by Dear. People are forced to look past all of the good that Planned Parenthood does, simply because they are focused on one service provided that many believe is wrong. Some are calling the actions of Dear a”crime on women” who were simply trying to receive health care service and others are stating that it is an instance of “domestic terrorism”. However, others are also plaguing social media with praise for Dear saying that what he did was courageous and that they would’ve done the same if they could. The fact is that we are
allowed to have our own opinions about abortion; however, when a person’s safety and privacy is put at risk because of their decision to receive an abortion, or even use any of Planned Parenthood’s services, then, as President Obama stated, “This is not normal. We can’t let it become normal… Enough is enough.”

4 thoughts on ““Enough is Enough”: The Planned Parenthood Shooting

  1. Thank you so much so for covering this tragic topic.
    People need to understand that PP isn’t just for abortion but a lot of other various health programs (which you covered), and the fact that violence is absolutely not the answer.


  2. The irony of a man killing others because he is “pro-life”/anti-abortion is absolutely absurd. Thank you for writing this. It once again goes to show that people either don’t have all the facts or are choosing to focus on just one while part of the issue while ignoring all the others.


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