Brunei? Oh my…

Brunei, a small southeast Asian country has made international headlines this week. If you haven’t heard, Brunei has imposed laws that will allow for gay sex to be punishable with death by stoning. YES, you actually read correctly. These newly implemented Sharia laws were put on hold for around four years due to international outrage and […]

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Guns Still Allowed After Terror Threats Against Feminist Speaker

*Content warning: contains email describing violence against women Anita Sarkeesian is the creator of Feminist Frequency, a video webseries that explores the representation of women in pop culture. According to the website, Feminist Frequency “largely serves as an educational resource to encourage critical media literacy and provide resources for media makers to improve their works […]

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A Shady Situation

Ever since my fellow blogger jgrand posted ‘Idealism and Practicality’ I have been struggling with my love for rap music. As he wrote, “What does a feminist do when faced with these issues? Is it better to reject all media with elements of sexism then to write off the flaws as ‘just part of life?’” After […]

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