Yeah, I got it . . .

Why is there this idea that in 2015 women are physically weak? Why do people just assume that women need the help of a man to carry something, or to do something physical? That makes no sense.

I am not a tall person. So often when I am carrying something or doing something that requires physical strength, a man will interject asking me if I “can do that” or if a “little miss”, like myself “can handle that big box”. Time and time again I have to say “yeah I got it”.


Here is a great example, the other day I was at a food store I brought up a case of water and a few bananas to the register. The person rang me up, I paid for my items and the man who was bagging my fruit was also holding my water out to hand to me. As I go to grab it he says “Oh, do you think you can carry this to your car?” I looked confused at him and said “yes”. Instead of saying “okay have a nice day!” and handing me the case of water he goes “are you sure? A little girl like you may not be able to carry this, it is very heavy you know”. I look at him and say “yeah I can do this.” take the water and leave. As I was walking to my car,carrying the water and bananas, it started to bother me how the man had reacted. It bothered me so much that when I got to the car I called one of my best friends and told them how pissed off I was that this man was patronizing me about carrying water to my car.

It bothered me for a few reasons #1 Who did he think carried the water from the shelf, to the line, waited on line and then placed it on the counter? It is not like there was this man following me around carrying this water and giving me a piggyback ride, it was just all 5feet 4inches of me and my case of water. #2 Did I really come across as a weak person? Why did he assume that I am automatically weak? He did not ask the shorter middle aged man in front of me if he could ‘handle’ carrying his water. #3 It bothered me because it did. Now, I know he may not have meant it to be a sexist comment but in my eyes it was. Why did he think that a small independent women could not carry the water that she had been carrying for the past 15 mins?

This is just an example of the every day repression that women face. There are a lot of men out their that do things like this without thinking that they are repressing women. Making it seem as if women cannot do something and that the male population is superior is not okay in my book.

That got me thinking, that in this fully developed nation we view women this way, but why? Have women not proved to society that they are strong? Women are currently serving in active duty for our military and because they are women are they any less of a solider than a man. Are the women who serve in the military any less of a skilled individual than a man, any less brave? Does a woman who flights for our country still get asked if she can “handle” carrying her case of water? It is 2015 people, society needs to stop looking at women as these damsels that need men to ‘come to the rescue’ to save them and realize that the, so called ‘damsel’, can beat up the monster herself. The moment that society stops making assumptions that women are weak and that they “need” men is the moment that something great is going to happen; equality.


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