Misogyny Behind Bisexual Stereotypes

To start off, I just wanted to say, bisexuality is a real thing. It’s real, there are people who identify as bisexual, so I don’t know how some people could simply say “no, they don’t exist, it’s not real.” The definition of bisexuality given on Bisexual.org is someone who has the romantic and/or sexual attraction to more than one gender. Lots of people disagree with bisexuality, but with their stereotypes on people who identify as bi, they add their misogynistic view to it, usually without even noticing.


The most important thing to remember about sexuality, is that it is a very personal thing. If one person says they’re bisexual, it could mean something completely different to someone else. Bisexuality is being interested in more than one gender. Unfortunately, bisexuality is believed to be “Just a phase,”and that statement is complete bullshit in my opinion. In 2005, The New York Times posted an article where from a small sample group, scientists studied whether or not bisexuality was real. From this original test of a small group of men, they concluded that no, it wasn’t a real thing. From this, many more questions formed, only to eventually do more tests and realize that being bisexual is a real sexuality. Such a shock, right? For me, I started off identifying as bisexual before I identified as gay, and now I identify as queer and gay. Just because I identified as bisexual before, doesn’t mean it wasn’t real, it was just another chapter of my life, but trust me, every moment I identified as bisexual was not fake, it was real.

Now to get into the misogyny behind bisexual stereotypes. If someone identifies as female and they’re talking about potential non-male partners, people will often say something along the lines of “Oh, you just haven’t found the right man yet.” This says that women are supposed to find a man. But why? They like other genders too but yet everyone thinks because they are a female, that they should have to find a man to please. As soon as someone who identifies as female identifies herself as bi, everyone decides for her that she will end up with a male. It’s as if they completely ignore part of her identity, just because they think it’s better that she ends up with a male. Well that’s crazy, and no, people should not have to fit into your hetero-normative view of the world, and don’t tell them what kinds of people they should and shouldn’t be with. I hear these comments all the time, and it kills me to hear this.

It’s not the same if you are talking to someone who identifies as bisexual and male though. If that’s the case, then everyone just tells them that they’re gay. Because apparently once a male has had sex with a male once, there isn’t any way that they could be interested in any other genders besides males. In my opinion, it’s because society is obsessed with people needing to be there for men’s needs.

Those stereotypes are absolutely ridiculous, and those are just two of them! I have had some amazing detailed conversations with my dearest friend, Sarah, who led me down such an interesting path looking more into this. There are lots of stereotypes about bisexuality, which just make me want to hibernate for years and hope that when I wake, the world is full of more equality. Lynsey has an AMAZING post on her blog about bisexual stereotypes, and goes through and talks about how ridiculous they are!

Thanks so much for reading to the end, and I would LOVE to hear your feedback, seeing as this is my first blog post!

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