Get Your Feminist Fix

Have you ever went on a late night search for specific feminist content and end up 30 page deep in an archive because the previous button was so tempting? As feminists, we all go the stage of craving to know more about women’s issues varying from intersectionality and feminist viewpoints in pop culture. I am constantly searching and craving for other perspectives in the feminist community. Below are my suggestions for intriguing, comical and informative feminist content. Get your Feminist Fix with my favorite feminists!

Podcasts are becoming increasingly popular within the feminist community due to its ability to reach many as along as you have access to internet and its typically FREE. I personally am fond of the amount of feminist podcast on Soundcloud. I highly recommend searching feminism on Soundcloud and you can thank me later for the gems that you find. My favorite feminist podcast at the moment is Black Girls Talking.

  •  Black Girls Talking is a “pop culture podcast wherein 4 Black women discuss representations of people of color in various forms of media.” These four black women do not hold back and cover a huge variety of topics from the Kardashians (even the latest addition – Kanye), Television and of course, Beyoncé. Black Girls Talking often has special guests varying from Janet Mock and Alexis Wilkinson. They also have an active social presence including commentary on tumblr and interaction on their website.
  • Although it is not a podcast, JMU’s Dame Theory has gotten my attention. Dame Theory is WXJM’s longest-running and all-women talk show and discusses women’s issues along with current events and truly informs all genders with a student perspective. The current Dames are: Judy Hong, Mallory O’Shea, Lauren Watson, Caroline Bryan, Bailey Steele, and Radhika Bhatt. Dame Theory airs Mondays at 9pm on 88.7 FM and you can listen live on the WXJM site.

Along with Soundcloud and campus radio, I typically find feminist topics and speakers on Youtube. A few of my favorite feminist “youtubers” are Chescaleigh and Marina Shut Up. They both discuss women’s issues but in an interesting way. Chescaleigh touches on intersectionality within feminism like her videos 5 Tips for Being an Ally and Just Stop Taking about Race! She also creates content for Upworthy and has a huge social presence on twitter. Clearly, I am fan of her contributions. As for Marina Shut Up, she appeals to the feminist newcomers and takes on the ‘haters’ while tackling the uncomfortable topics with ease and humor. One of my favorite videos by Marina Shut Up is What’s Like Dating a Feminist. Check out her Feminist Fridays and other quirky videos. 

When I am tired of Netflix binging and craving feminist and political content, my go-to place id the Ted Talks channel on YouTube. The channel has an endless amount of playlists featuring critics, authors and inspiring individuals like Anita Sarkeesian, Jessica Pabón, and Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. A good place to start is with the TEDxWomen playlist.

I’d love to hear your suggestions. How do you get your feminist fix? On Youtube? On Twitter? On Soundcloud? Share your Feminist Faves!

3 thoughts on “Get Your Feminist Fix

  1. I loved your post, eternallyfeminist! I’m definitely going to have to check out your recommendations. Like you, I am addicted to feminist content creators wherever I can get them. My favorite feminist podcasts are Stuff Mom Never Told You and Bitch Media’s podcast Popaganda. They’re both super awesome and informative. As for YouTubers, they don’t always talk about feminist topics, but Hayley G. Hoover, Rosianna Rojas, and Lex (tyrannosauruslexxx) are awesome. Happy listening/viewing! 🙂


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