Say Yes to the GOP?

This new Republican ad campaign created to cater to college-aged women aims to convince undecided voters to choose the GOP candidate in the upcoming gubernatorial elections. The ads are based the popular TLC show Say Yes to the Dress and present the candidates as two different styles of wedding dresses. The Republican candidates is presented as a modern, stylish, affordable dress, while the Democratic candidate is presented as “outdated”, “frumpy”, and exorbitantly priced.


The advertisements were created in bulk by the College Republican National Committee in support of the candidates: Rick Scott (Florida), Rick Snyder (Michigan), Tom Corbett (Pennsylvania), Bruce Rauner (Illinois), Bob Beauprez (Colorado), and Asa Hutchinson (Arkansas). The same ad is run in all 6 states, with only the names of the candidates switched out.

Many left-aligned groups like the Democratic Governors Association are calling the GOP out on their stereotypical appeal to women saying that the ads are “further evidence” that the Republican candidates “still have no idea how to communicate with women voters.” Solely based on the “Say Yes to …” advertisements, I’m apt to agree with the DGA!

Apparently in the year 2014, the GOP still thinks the best way to reach young female voters is through dumbed down advertisements. It is almost as if the GOP made a list of female stereotypes and tried to incorporate ALL of them into this ad. Although many women may be interested in reality TV, shopping, weddings, dresses, and being uninformed voters- those interests certainly don’t describe me or any of my peers and unfortunately for the GOP, my peers are exactly who they are trying to target with the advertisement.

It seems like the GOP did absolutely zero research about their target demographic of young adult women. If they had, they would have found that the average age of marriage is steadily increasing, women in America are more educated than men, and women research the candidates more than men. Not to mention as DGA spokeswoman Sabrina Singh states  “it’s not just their [GOP] attitudes that are condescending and insulting, but their policies – from deep cuts to education to opposition to equal pay for equal work, to mandatory ultrasounds and defunding Planned Parenthood – are deeply out-of-touch with the concerns of women and families.”

As a citizens of a bipartisan country, American voters are supposed to be able to choose to vote for whomever they believe to be the best candidate. Unfortunately, I feel like I often have to choose the candidate I believe to be the lesser evil. Maybe that’s just me, but I know that while the GOP still supports the systematic oppression of women through their draconian healthcare policies, budget cuts, and many other policies I will continue to vote for the candidate who gives consideration to women. And if I choose to be an uninformed voter, I certainly wouldn’t vote for the candidate who airs pejorative advertisements that perpetuate gender stereotypes.


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