Feminism & the Media

Let’s face it.  Everything you see is filtered by the media.  And especially issues that are ‘controversial’ are especially filtered.  And it’s hard to figure out your own viewpoint by all the forms of information that are vying for attention from every side.  In the era of fake news, how do we discern what’s real […]

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Body Positivity: NYC Fashion Week

First off, let me tell you that I’m typically considered a small girl, coming in strong at five feet tall, and about 130lbs. However, I struggle with my body, my appearance – basically everything about myself on a daily basis. Especially within the past year or so, weight has been something that has seemed to […]

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Say Yes to the GOP?

This new Republican ad campaign created to cater to college-aged women aims to convince undecided voters to choose the GOP candidate in the upcoming gubernatorial elections. The ads are based the popular TLC show Say Yes to the Dress and present the candidates as two different styles of wedding dresses. The Republican candidates is presented as […]

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Quick Hit: Snickers, What the F

So let me lay the scene. After a hard day at work sorting out deadline issues, training new staff, and doing whatever homework I could slip between breaks, I’ve finally made it home just before 10 at night only to be greeted by chores. Ah the life of a self-made college student. However, before I […]

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Ladies, We Can Rescue Ourselves!

Shockingly, when I was growing up I was a huge Disney princess lover. Just as thehouseofadoll described in New Perspectives on Disney a couple of weeks ago, Disney is and always will be a huge fan favorite. Belle, Cinderella, Ariel, Pocahontas, Jasmine, Snow White, Mulan…these were all pretty common household names when I was growing up. In fact, Disney’s princess movies […]

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Beauty and Sexuality Pt. 2

Happy Friday Y’all! Last week I introduced Naomi Wolfe’s novel, The Beauty Myth, and focused on her chapter “ Sexuality”. There were two main points in this chapter, which I found both enlightening, and a little frightening.  Her first point, which I discussed last week, focused on advertisement’s detrimental impact on women’s sexuality. Images of […]

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Beauty and Sexuality Pt.1

Happy Sunday Readers! This past week I read Naomi Wolfe’s, profound novel, The Beauty Myth: How Images of Beauty are Used Against Women, originally published in 1991.  The novel explores a theory coined by Wolfe as the “beauty myth”. This theory encompasses the idea that while women possess greater economic and societal power than their […]

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