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Quick Hit: My semester with ShoutOut!

I am so thrilled that I learned about ShoutOut! JMU and had the opportunity to write alongside some truly amazing people this semester. I wanted to use one of my last posts to reflect on the semester and say thanks!

I am a design student and came into feminism for my own personal reasons. My parents raised me to believe I could be anything I wanted. I grew up superficially promoting girl power but it wasn’t until these past few years where I really started learning about the movement. I definitely identify as a feminist and am so glad to be in this group of strong and courageous individuals.

ShoutOut has helped me shape my opinions. It has provided a space of encouragement to voice them, and  it has also expanded my knowledge of the movement and its very many facets. I’ve always seen a future for myself in magazines and publishing but after this semester I find that I am truly happiest when I am around my peers, discussing feminism, discussing current affairs and societal issues. I feel proud of who I am as a feminist when I get to share those beliefs. I have found so many friends and allies in ShoutOut and I know that this dialogic engagement will forever be a part of my life now.

I know from this semester how important it is to speak up – or Shout Out! – when there is something you believe in strongly. I am so grateful to have found this space where I can share my own stories and also my thoughts and struggles as I face new issues. I know I still have so much to learn and absorb. But, to me, that’s exciting.

Every person who writes for ShoutOut has taught me something. Through their words and writing they have all inspired me in some way. I can not express my gratitude enough. Thank you.

2 Responses to “Quick Hit: My semester with ShoutOut!”

  1. steeleba

    I’m with you! I’ve always been raised to be independent and promote woman power, but just recently became familiar with the movement. I’ve always gained so much knowledge about feminism from reading all of these brilliant writers posts. And this has been a great experience. Follow your dream of writing for a magazine! Make a goal to change how they are! You could influence soo many people by that.



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