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OKCupid: My Disturbing Inbox

My friend is doing a project about dating apps and websites, so I decided to join OkCupid to help him out with the research. I have never been on a dating website before, simply because I wasn’t willing to pay the money, but OKCupid is 100% free and 100% weird. I find it almost impossible to actually find someone you’re compatible with on this site. I spent about 1 hour filling out all of this information about myself for my profile, to receive countless emails of men who were major creeps. I will say that I did set myself up, because it says on my page I am looking for short romance and casual sex, which has led me to receive these messages. Some of the messages though, I feel like are completely uncalled for. One of them reads…..

Baby imma freak, I’m tryna fuck till your legs go weak, I know it so well I’m a sex geek. Sweat so hard make you hit your peak, a little longer then fix my leak. My dick fat like ya asscheek. A good time is what I seek!” From KillaCamxo Okay, so two problems with this…. 1. If he’s trying to be a rapper, he should stop. 2. Even if I put I was interested in casual sex on the page it doesn’t mean that my body is an object, I still would like a hi how are you, alas, this guy blew it. (The sad part was he was really cute!) Another problem, I have with this website, is all the older men that hit on me. This guy who is 62 tried to chat with me, and trust me I’m not into older men, especially a man who is older than my father. Now I’m not judging anyone for the relationships they possess, but in my profile, I exclaimed that I am only interested in males & females age 18 to 24. I just felt very uncomfortable with the contact, not flattered at all, and I’ve received countless messages from 30 and 40 year olds. It just shows that these men don’t really fully read the profile to understand where you’re coming from. On the flip side of that there have been some men who have messaged me saying that they like my advocacy work, I only get a few of those messages.

I mean OKCupid is pretty decent for being free, and this is only my experience, so maybe other people have experienced something different. I just am increasingly feeling used by these men and I don’t know how to feel about it. As I’m writing this blog, I changed my what I’m looking for section to short term and long term dating. I do wonder if that will change anything, I will keep you posted, if you’re truly interested. My main advice is to be careful with online dating, if you don’t feel comfortable with some of the people, know you always have the right to block them, delete their message, or even confront them. This one guy messaged me who was 42 and said hey beautiful and I responded, “Hey, I’m 21 your 42, how is this going to work? Good luck with love!” I hope everyone can have the potential to find love, and if they choose to do so online, is probably better.

3 Responses to “OKCupid: My Disturbing Inbox”

  1. yourknightinshiningtutu

    Haha I found this post so funny and so true! Thanks for sharing this experience with us! Online “dating” can be extremely sketchy. I actually just had a conversation with a friend about this (regarding the prize-winner of sketchy hook-ups: Tinder) and my theory as to why it’s so skeezy and frankly, scary. I think that these dating sites/apps that are free are so bad because of that very reason – they’re FREE! Think about it, if you’re just looking for a quick hook-up then you’re not going to pay money to join a match-making site! Only those that are actually serious about finding a true relationship would. Therefore, it’s the ones that don’t cost anything that are bringing on the creeps (male and female) that are filling up your mailboxes with sketchy come-ons to “meet up”! But hey, if that’s anyone’s thing, then who am I to judge, but frankly, I think it’s just plain dangerous!

    Anyway, that’s just my theory that I thought I’d share in light with your similar experiences! So I completely agree with you – if you’re looking for something real in a dating site, go to one of the legit ones where you have to pay. Sometimes the cost is worth it. Great post! 🙂


    • bestlittlelion92

      Thanks for your response. I totally agree with the free argument in that we shouldn’t expect much from the things we don’t have to pay for. I find OKCupid, Tinder, and Grindr to be super shallow. I don’t use the other dating apps besides OKCupid, but I’ve heard the stories!


  2. SarahStar77

    I was with a friend one day and I make and Ok! Cupid for the laugh factor. With only a day of having account numerous suitors told me that if I were a four-leaf clover I would bring them up and asked me why I had fallen from heaven. My account only existed for less than 24 hours. Although these were cheesy pick up lines I did not receive a vulgar pick up line as you did. It is true that some people meet the love of their life through online dating, but women are incredibly objectified on many dating networks. I think this is because people are talking through a virtual medium and they are able to show more off their true selves, as they would never talk that way in person. I am glad you pointed it out and girls need to be careful on such websites and guys need to stop thinking its okay to not be a gentleman in the world of online dating.



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