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Quick Hit: Stop telling survivors they must report to the police

WAGATWE post her story on how when she shared that she had been a victim of sexual assault that everyone wanted to focus on their decision not to report to the police. “This, unfortunately, sets the stage for survivors who come forward to be judged and attacked for yet another reason: deciding not to report.” sexual_assault2

The writer had friends posting their stories and their reasoning of why they decided not to report to the police. Instead of celebrating her friends’ bravery, readers called them cowardly for not coming forward. Others said that they owed it to society to report and by failing to do so they are contributing to the perpetuation of rape culture. I have never personally experienced a situation such as these, so I don’t know how I would feel and if I would want to report to the police. Tell me some ideas you have about this. Check it out:

4 Responses to “Quick Hit: Stop telling survivors they must report to the police”

  1. bestlittlelion92

    Thanks for sharing this! I think when people first respond they think oh the police and the judicial system would be the best option for women who have been sexually assaulted. The main problem I have with this assumption is that it could be very hard for the persecutor to be found guilty and extra challenging for the victim/survivor to give a testimony. Great Quick Hit! 🙂


    • steeleba

      @bestlittlelion92 I agree, people think that getting the police involved is helpful, when really it could just be more harming to the victim.


  2. mscherhorowitz

    The cruel and sickening thing about sexual assault is that it puts the victim in a situation where they have to take responsibility for dealing with the crime that was committed. It is just as much the right of a survivor of assault to make their own decisions about how to handle their abuser as it is for them to decide whether it was even an assault.


    • steeleba

      @mscherhorowitz YES I agree! the responsibility becomes put on the victim. There is so much out there that targets victims like you should have done that or you should do this to protect yourself. Why don’t we target the people that are assaulting!



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