First of all, I appreciate your counter argument to mine, and referencing my post! Secondly, I see your point. The choice words that the video includes (ambitious and strong) I agree, do not go with being “bossy.” However, the way I looked at it was they were putting words that are not associated negatively with bossy, in order to show that you can still be those things, without being called those negative names, like bossy. Basically saying, just because a girl wants to be a leader, doesn’t mean she’s bossy. I mean, I agree that trying to ban the word entirely is not going to stop people from saying it or acting like it. And I also see your point that the campaign is trying to ban the word, but embrace the behaviors behind it. Again though, the campaign is simply trying to encourage young girls to want to be the “boss” and if anyone calls you bossy for wanting to be that, they are wrong; because boys are not the only ones who can be strong, ambitious, or leaders..

As for a response to your question, I do not think we should let girls, or even boys be bossy and remove the stigma through desensitization. I to hope that we raise children to behave in ways that eliminate such stigmas, but unfortunately its not that simple. I think what we should do is empower children, male and female, to become leaders and bosses, but show them that can be achieved through honorable characteristics, not bad ones that can be associated with “bossy.”

Great post!