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Quick Hit: Women with Multiple Sclerosis Sexually Assaulted and Ignored by Police

Trigger Warning: Rape

I think that this article I found on Jezebel about a women with MS getting sexually assaulted is quite fitting for JMU’s Disability Awareness Week and how society needs to be more accepting of not only women but people and women with disabilities. A woman named “Kris” (this is not her real name as she wants her identity to protected) was beaten kidnapped and gang raped when she missed her bus stop on her way home in New Jersey on December 5th. Kris missed her usual stop because she fell asleep and got off on another stop to get her bearings together, but two men began to follow her and she would eventually black out as she was abducted and raped.

Kris said that one of the two rapists was particularly violent striking her a few times. The rapists would soon leave and Kris after her brutal attack was brave and looked for help. She went up to the first three or four people she saw and tried to explain her situation but they only ignored her and told her to go away. Thankfully she would find a kind restaurant owner who called 911. Kris was taken to Robert Wood Johnson Medial Center In Hamilton to treat her injuries. Even though Kris had multiple and severe injuries the hospital staff discharged her. The article did not state if the hospital staff did or did not use a rape kit. Kris’s case would then be shifted from police department to police department.

On December 23rd nearly two weeks after her rape police would finally interview Kris. The police then questioned Kris if she was a “drug addict” or “prostitute.” Kris has no criminal record for doing drugs or prostitution she only had a minor criminal case that was uplifted for shoplifting. This questioning is incredibly foul and had nothing to do with Kris’s attack. Kris then told the police officers that she has multiple sclerosis and that she was prescribed a narcotics patch for the pain from her doctor. The police from there kept asking Kris’s mother if Kris just fell from her MS patch and that she was possibly not raped. Clearly these cops are ignorant no good people who don’t want to do their job They just tried to make Kris’s disability an excuse for her attack. What do you think can be done so that Kris can get her justice? I for one think Kris is an excellent role model for women of sexual assault. She was brave and sought out help immediately after her rape, even when people ignored her. Kris is also telling the press how the police are not helping her. You go Kris!

2 Responses to “Quick Hit: Women with Multiple Sclerosis Sexually Assaulted and Ignored by Police”

  1. bestlittlelion92

    I want to thank you for bringing this story on the blog. I think it is very important to talk about issues affecting women with disabilities. It is a shame that the police would use her disability against it this just relates back to the post that truequeerlatte did on victim blaming. Why was Kris ignored, why was she blamed? I just can’t believe the society we live in! I think Kris is very brave for telling people her story even if the police aren’t on her side. Great post, hopefully more people will now know about Kris’ struggle.


  2. SarahStar77

    Bestlittlelion92 thank you so much for you response. I agree with you that it is vital to talk about issues pertaining to women with disabilities. Also thank you for bringing up truequeerlatte’s on victim blaming as it greatly relates to my post. I too wonder why was Kris blamed and ignored? Why do people act this way about rape? How can we change our culture to stop blaming the victim? Let’s hope that more women come out and tell the world about their sexual assault in order to make other women share their stories and for their voices to be heard. Again thank you for the feedback.



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