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QUICKHIT : DiversityInc.’s Top 50 List of Diverse Companies

When it comes to diversity in the workplace, there is commonly a lot of controversy. The stereotypical business office one typically pictures is one filled with a majority of white men in business suits and a few women splattered here and there with tight buns and even tighter smiles. However, there are many businesses that work hard to break this mold! Diversity Inc. created a list of the top 50 companies  in leading for diversity. This list gives a representation of the leading companies that don’t discriminate in terms of gender, sexuality, race, etc. I was happy to see that it includes a lot of familiar names and even some that may be surprising!

Along with the Top 50 list, there are also a few sub-list categories comprised of a top 10. One of these is a list of the Top 10 companies for LGBT. The top one and two positions on this list are Wells Fargo and At&t! You can also find IBM on the list. There is even a DiversityInc list of the top 10 companies for veterans in which the familiar names of Northrop Grumman and Lockheed Martin are present. Along with a list for blacks, females, and a global list, (though to me, if they’re a top company in a specific race/gender/field it seems to me as though they’re in fact the opposite of diverse) they are well-diverse (pun-intended) in their available lists to consult when looking for the right company for you!

For us looking into our post-graduate careers, maybe these are some good options to look into! What do you think, would you be more likely to work for one of these companies knowing their acknowledged for being more universally diverse?

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