Quick Hit: Snickers, What the F

So let me lay the scene. After a hard day at work sorting out deadline issues, training new staff, and doing whatever homework I could slip between breaks, I’ve finally made it home just before 10 at night only to be greeted by chores. Ah the life of a self-made college student. However, before I dive into the tasks that are ahead of me, I decide to treat myself to a quick Tumblr break when lo and behold this gem shows up on my dashboard!

Watch the full video after the jump to find out just what!

Trust me, you’ll be disappointed.


Note, when I said gem, what I really meant is a hot, steaming pile of backhanded misogyny.

So what Snickers is saying is when construction workers are hungry, they’re not themselves, and when they’re not themselves they become decent people who shout affirming remarks? Instead of harassing innocent pedestrians, they encourage the masses with praise and goodwill? Oh no, what are the hungry albeit uplifting construction workers to do? Why, they eat a Snickers and get back to their stereotypical, misogynist, cat-calling ways! Hooray for Snickers! Everyone loses!

Seriously, what was Snickers thinking?

Snickers, What the F?

What do you think of the ad? Vent your thoughts below!

2 thoughts on “Quick Hit: Snickers, What the F

  1. I thought the guys HAD eaten their Snickers and that’s why they were being “nice,” (though, still, is there a reason that men must scream at women who pass by when they’re out in public?), though after reading your analysis, I guess it’s even more sinister? 😦


  2. Normally I am a huge fan of Snicker’s commercials as they have been gender neutral and quite funny. I also relate to them because I turn into a different hangry (angry plus hungry) person when I’m hungry. However, I have to agree with you on this one. What were they thinking? Even if you are hungry you should not need to eat a Snickers bar in order to be a feminist or a supporter of feminism. The equality of women and every human is something you should support no matter what state you are in. I have not seen this commercial at all on TV, but maybe it has offended a lot of people and will not be on the air for long. One can hope. Nice post showing how feminism can be found in our everyday lives and that Snickers has really crossed the line in trying to seem like they really are supportive of women and debunking gender bias.


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