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Quick Hit: Break the Bubble

What’s the point of living in a community if you’re not involved with the community? That’s the question I asked myself over spring break as I counted the millions of things I was involved with at JMU, but could not count a single thing, I had done for Harrisonburg. I realized that I’m a Junior and I don’t have that much time left, so I’m starting a new intiative and if anyone wants to follow my lead, please feel free! I want to start this project called, “Break the Bubble,” in which a couple of my friends and I volunteer for different events on the weekend in Harrisonburg. There is so much life, heart, and diversity all over Harrisonburg, but too much of the time we are stuck in the JMU world, well I want to get out!


I tried to start this venture this weekend, by volunteering for this event called Taste of the World. Taste of the World is an event in which people pay to have an extravagent meal from different places of the world. All the proceeds go to the NewBridges Immigrant Resource Center. The NewBridges Immigrant Resource Center helps immigrants become aquainted to JMU through many different services, such as helping with U.S. passports, medical billing, tax help, and providing this group with other resources around Harrisonburg. When I first heard about this organization, I thought to myself, I have to volunteer for this organization. When I came up with this concept of “Break the Bubble,” NewBridges was the first organization I looked into and there the event was, Taste of the World. I created a facebook event to get other participants, but no one offered, I got a couple of maybes, but on the day of the event, I volunteered solo. To my surprise, I met other students from JMU who had the same passion I did, to volunteer. At first I was frustrated that no on had offered to help, but then when I went to the event and saw other JMU students, I began to feel hope for this new endeavor. So if you want to be involved, trust me, you will get a chance! Operation Break the Bubble is hear to stay!

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