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Quick Hit: Boy Bullied Over My Little Pony Bag

Who would have thought that a little boy would cause such a stir by bringing a My Little Pony lunch box to school. Nine year old, Grayson Bruce was bullied because the bag he brought was apparently too girly for him. His fellow classmates wanted to teach him a lesson by calling him names, pushing him down, and punching him. How does the school respond?! They tell Grayson to leave the bag at home because it is causing too many bullying issues. OH GREAT IDEA! Let’s make the kid do exactly what the bullies want, that will teach them! I cannot believe this is what the school decided to do. It is in no way going towards gender equality and the school should allow him to bring whatever bag he wants!!


2 Responses to “Quick Hit: Boy Bullied Over My Little Pony Bag”

  1. SarahStar77

    The boy is being picked on for liking a “girly show” however My Little Pony has a very large male following and viewers are referred to as “bronies.” This school is encouraging bullying and is not letting Grayson show his individuality. He should be encouraged to bring his My Little Pony lunchbox to his school and not discouraged to meet the bullies or rather most of society’s expectations. Cartoon/toy franchises are for all children and should not be genderized. Thank you for addressing this topic it has been a very popular one this week and is all over the Internet. I think that the school will change its mind and let Grayson keep the lunchbox as they do not want bad publicity and they have caused quite the controversy. Do you think the Internets news coverage will discourage the bullying for Grayson from both his school and his peers? Nice job!


    • cpowell92

      Thanks for the comment SarahStar77! To answer your question, I think that the internet has definitely brought on some negative coverage for the school and probably assisted in the school’s decision to let him bring the bag back. I have not completely checked into this but I heard that they decided to let him carry the My Little Pony bag to school after all this hype. Whether or not they made that decision on their own, I’m not sure but at least they came to their senses! 🙂



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