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Quick Hit: Obama speaks about changes that need to happen for women in America

President Obama recently spoke at Orlando’s Valencia College about several topics, one of them being women’s issues.



He discussed the problems of unequal pay between women and men in the work force, unfair policies for maternity leave, and the need for more women in Congress and other institutions, stating ever so comically, “We all know Congress would get more done.” 

“”Women with college degrees may earn hundreds of thousands of dollars less over the course of her career than a man at the same educational level, and that’s wrong,” Obama stated about unequal pay.

He also stated, “This isn’t 1958 — it’s 2014…When women succeed, America succeeds.”

And can I get an AMEN to that.

The only problem I have with this is that many presidents have talked about making things better for women in America, but their words are lost with no actual effort. My hope is that the little time Obama has still in office, he does what he can to bring the issues he recently discussed into the cycle of change.

What do you think Obama should do to make things happen?

3 Responses to “Quick Hit: Obama speaks about changes that need to happen for women in America”

  1. bestlittlelion92

    I agree with you that other Presidents have talked about making change for women in America and there is no action to back up their words, but I feel that Obama is different. This is just my opinion, but I believe that Obama will make change because out of other presidents, he speaks so adamentaly about it. The effort to just talk about this issues exceeds other presidents, once again just my opinion. I do understand your apprehension though, and yea I hope his words do hold meaning. As far as what he can do, politics are always a tricky concept to me and I don’t even know where to start for suggestions. What do you think he could do to create more equality for men and women in this country? I’m really interested to hear your thoughts!


  2. Xenawarriorprincess

    Thanks for replying bestlittlelion92! I do agree with you that Obama is different than other presidents (I personally favor him more than any other past presidents). And the fact that he even mentions such topics when speaking to a college, shows he means business and wants others to realize the necessity of change. I think it would be beneficial for him to try and pass a bill into congress that requires all employers to set an equal pay policy and with consequences for not complying. However, I don’t know the logistics of what that entails, so I don’t think I can go further into that suggestion. However, another suggestion is that he should go around the nation and speak about women’s issues so that more people realize its an overwhelming issue of inequality in America. He should also speak to younger generations about women’s rights, so that they can identify the issues and hopefully create the change that is needed.


  3. No Thanks

    No doubt he has had larger portion of the female vote than many of his contemporaries, but I wouldn’t hold your breath. He will pass wage reform as soon as he closes Guantanamo Bay.



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