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Quick Hit: Anti-Rape Shorts

So, scrolling through my news feed and saw this! I have mixed emotions about this. Its awesome that people are thinking about trying to protect women from rape, but I think we need to attack the rapist and stop this from happening.

I’m also worried that if these happened to not work then the victim would have “wanted it” because she had anti-rape shorts on. Can a pair of shorts be made that shoots knives out please?? Check it out. Tell me your opinion on this.

3 Responses to “Quick Hit: Anti-Rape Shorts”

  1. imagineherstory

    Glad you posted about this! I agree in that I find it an interesting concepts and am glad something is being done. Like you, however, I have issue with the idea that the prevention of sexual assault should be on the woman’s shoulders. This product, and others like it, are still promoting the idea of “don’t get raped” rather than “don’t rape”. Perhaps instead the underwear should be made for men and all men should be required to where them, only backwards so that it has to be the other person to take off his underwear that way it could clear up a lot of consent issues. Also, I think this product, like society still has the “stranger danger” mentality when it comes to sexual assault where this only works for a random guy attacking you in the night. What about women who consent to taking off the underwear for a little sexual interaction, but don’t want intercourse and it is forced upon her…will the courts claim it’s not rape because she took off the underwear first and should have realized that that is where it all would have led to anyway?

    Great post!


    • steeleba

      @imagineherstory I agree that it focuses on “don’t get raped” instead of “don’t rape” which really irritates me. I feel like the idea behind the shorts is good. But there are so many concepts that are just so wrong! Such as the issue you brought up or if a women didn’t wear them one night, “she was asking for it”. Which is completely ridiculous.



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